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Should baseball abandon interleague play?

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Some of us are old enough to remember what life was like without it. The All-Star Game and World Series were that much more intriguing. It was kind of weird because the Angels (and everyone else) would play more games against the other division than against their own. Wouldn't be that way now.


I think baseball should try it for one year, just to see how fans like it.

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no. inter-league play is fine.


NFL does it, NHL does it, NBA does it.....


No other sport plays with different rules in each league though.  


Watching an automatic out trot to the plate with the bases loaded is not compelling baseball.  Tradition be damned. 

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Impossible to do. Only way to do it is to add 2 more teams, or contract 2 teams.

or simply move one team from one league to the other. That is how we ended up with this every series two teams must play out if their league. Never liked interleague. Even though the Angels historicly kick NL ass I think this dilutes the All Star game and World Series.
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ah DH in AL and good ol' fashioned baseball in the NL is fine with me........


sort give AL advantage in AL parks and NL advantage in NL parks.


I like when the pitchers hit -- actually, if I were an AL manager, I'd probably employ a different strategy - in tonight's game when Garret RIchards came up with bases loaded in the third, I probably would have PH for him......if I were an AL manager in a NL park like this -- I'd pull a La Russa and be ready to have a game pitched by committee........if the pitcher's spot came up with a chance to score runs, I'd probably pinch hit and then go to the pen.......


that may work -- but then again, it's OUR pen........so maybe not.

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I liked inter-league play for the first few years, but it's not interesting anymore. They should reduce the interleague games and only play about six inter-league games (mostly city rivalry games..... Angels vs Dodgers, CWS vs Cubs, etc.), but that's very unlikely to happen.


Agreed. Inter-league play is cool but not when it's so frequent like it is now. I don't mind having different rules in each league, the variety makes things interesting. 

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I don't care for interleague play, but I would be in favor of it if I did not live in a city with a team in each league. Fans in cities with only one team might never get to see some great ballplayers if they played in the other league. We don't have that issue so we won't care as much. I am curious what the fans in Detroit, Boston, and Colorado think about it.

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Eliminate interleague play.

Subtract 8 games from the calendar so that there are 154 games per season.


Each team then plays 11 games against each other team in their own league.


- or -


Add 6 games to the calendar so that there are 168 games per season.


Each team then plays 4 3-game series (2 home, 2 away) against every other team in their own league.


- then -


3 Division winners (best record in their division), 1 Wild Card (best 2nd place team). 4 teams from each league in the playoffs. The team with the best record in their league draws the Division series against the Wild Card team. 2nd and 3rd play against each other for the other Division Series matchup. 


Boom.  Done.  Next.

Edited by Eric
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They aren't going to get rid of it, it's here to stay and I think it does add some additional interest to the regular season...everyone gets excited about those Twin/Diamondback games.


One tweak I would make though, if they don't resolve the DH issue anytime soon, and I don't see them doing that. Not original, I read it somewhere else.


For interleague play...


In NL parks, use the DH, and in AL parks have the pitcher's hit. If the idea is to broaden the game, let fans at the home park get the full experience.

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I'd actually like to see more interleague. The NL needs to adopt the DH, though.


Yeah, I don't mind inter-league at all, I can't stand the difference in rules.  At the same time, I hate the imbalanced schedule -- wish they could find a way to altger the number of divisional games and even out everything else.  Maybe make it 21 games vs teams in your own division (84 games), 3 games vs every other team in MLB (75 games) and three extra games vs the tradional regional rival so for us -- the Dodgers. They would have to alternate the home and away games every other year but, whatever.

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