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Tiger fans are idiots

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I get throwing a shuck HR back, but Pujols' 498?




If you lived in Detroit, would you be in a good humor?


I consider any throwing back of an opponent's home run ball to be a cheap imitation of the Wrigley Field fans. They originated it.

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Detroit is what the end of the world looks like.

Yes, they're idiots from having high lead content in drinking water and breathing in 2nd hand crack smoke from nearby ram shackles. Let them throw the ball if it makes them happy. They have my sympathy.

Those fans are just bitter about living in the worst place ever and envy the Angel shits who get to play in California for snooty fans living in gated communities eating gluten free food.

They especially hate the californians who only watch porn in 1080p HD and 7.1 surround sound.

While saps in Detroit salivate in anticipation for their 56k internet to churn out a half loaded pic of a topless chick.

So, let them enjoy their 2 seconds of joy, because they will probably be murdered outside the stadium for the battery in their Seiko watch.

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Which milestone did Pujols reach on #498? Which record was broken? Who did he pass on the all-time HR list? Who is going to remember that epic moment when Pujols hit that one HR in Detroit 20 years ago?

To say #498 is somehow of more value or significance than any other HR ball is dumb.

I have home run and foul balls I caught in each decade. As a fan of the game I would think it would be cool to own.

It's not about a price tag or a milestone. To catch a Pujols home run is pretty cool considering the guy is a hall of famer. That's my point. 498 isn't a significant number unless something bad happens to him and its his last one ever.

Again though, there are only a handful of guys that hit #498. So owning it would be cool for me.

If you don't see it, ok. Whether you're a fan or not. I'd think catching a HOF HR ball would mean something if you care about the game at all.

If you just want to go to a game and get drunk and make a spectacle ripping off a Cub tradition, go right ahead.

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Speaking of idiots - a college buddy who lives in Tampa is posting on Facebook from the Yankees-Rays game tonight. He mentioned that the Yankee fans trail the Boston fans in terms of obnoxiousness, but not by a wide margin. Guess the pinstripers and the chowds are pretty much the same regardless of the venue.


I would imagine that most of the irritants in his area have moved on, with the Rays up 16-1.

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