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No-hitter alert

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There was a play at first early in the game that if it wasn't for Freeman making a smart play, Harang wouldn't have a no-hitter.


It was basically the play that Joe Maddon was practicing. Runner on 1st, ground ball to second, very close play at 1st that would end the inning, the umpire called the runner out, but Freeman threw to third immediately and got the runner heading to 3rd out just in case (for a 4th out).


The replay shows the runner was safe, but the play was not challenged as it would have been irrelevant since Duda would have been called out on the play afterward apparently.

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In non-no-hitter news, Paulino of the White Sox has given up 10 hits and 9 runs to the Rangers in three innings. So they put him back out there for the 4th. I like it. Game is already lost. Might as well get what you can from the starter and save the pen.

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Harang has been Haranging on in the bigs for a while -- all with the same sort of MO -- he gets signed late as a back of the rotation guy and then goes out and has some early success until the hitters apparently catch on to him or his arm gets tired or something.


he's done this with San Diego and the Dodgers amongst others.


He once was a top of the rotation (not ace, but number 2/3 guy) guy with Cincy and pretty good at one point.


but then Atlanta (like St. Louis) has a history of getting these reclamation projects and making the most out of them.


right now, the best reclamation project going in MLB is someone we know well, Kazmir up in Oakland........and geez, please no 'why did we let him go' threads about Kazmir. Halos gave him every opportunity and then some (re-signed him)........by the time he was let go here, he was pretty much finished..........somewhere he got some motivation to learn how to 'ptich' because I am assuming Kazmir's velocity is not what it once was when he was coming up with the NY Mets and later at Tampa Bay.......with us, by the time he left, his outings and appearance on the mound looked like he had lost any interest in pitching........Halos tried to work with him.........nothing worked........except maybe the realization suddenly that if he couldn't pitch he'd have to get a real job.

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