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Breaking Bad

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I don't think we have a search function to find the old thread.




I still come across or look up info on the show. Here is an interview with Vince Gilligan about how they chose the ending for the show. I've always dug the behind the scenes stuff or why someone goes a route they did. Thought some of you might enjoy it as well.

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What made those interviews interesting?


I ask because some shows don't know if they'll be back so the writing and production go in a way of ending or having some sort of conclusion, even if it's not intended. Wasn't sure if that is what you were referring to.

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Gotcha, I have seen that actually...it's more like a panel discussion with a blue background. That's why I found the link I posted interesting, to see a show go along and then figure out an ending is remarkable. I almost feel like I would have the story down opposed to making drastic changes, and not only that, but they pull it off!


I mainly remember the Jesse getting killed part.


The show is great on it's own merit, but what really got me into it was the access and people like Vince being available but doing it in a way that made the show as a whole interesting. I remember after each episode, the day after, Vulture would have a piece with an interview of someone from the show to recap or go over details like costume design or various intents we may have missed. Stuff like that really adds to the experience. I wish Mad Men was similar, but Matthew Weiner is a stuffy and private dick about everything and Game of Thrones was already written so those behind the scenes or interview things are rather spoiler ridden.


I really love how everything evolved, but also how they explained how everything evolved and it makes total sense.

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Fascinating interview. I love Vince Gilligan's honesty in saying they didn't always know how the show was going to resolve itself, unlike the Lost dudes who pretended they did when it was apparent to everyone they had no clue.

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Yeah, it's been well documented and David Chase talks about it often in his interviews. It wasn't supposed to go as long as it did, but HBO demanded another season so he basically wrote some bullshit to pass until he could end the show like he wanted to.

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