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Kohn & Salas

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I agree, Chuck. Particularly Kohn, though Salas is making some necessary adjustments. I am not a fan of Herrera, though. The man is 32 years old and has performed poorly in limited major league appearances. No shame to be, but he is a career minor leaguer is all. He started off shaky tonight, but knuckled down and got through the inning cleanly, so that is a good first step.

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Yes he did and Salas changeup was very good. Impressed.


Try as I might, I can't buy into the talk behind this guy.  I'm not even talking about your post, two of the scouts I most respect in other orgs are pretty bullish on Salas, both feel he just needs time to get acclimated and confident in his change. I'm likely focusing too much on the lack of movement and not giving enough credence to how different a change-up looks coming at a hitter Vs how it looks on the TV feed. 


I know better than to let a few sporadic views at a guy completely jade me but I'm a doubting Thomas when it comes to Salas.  I hope he is everything people say he is.

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I'm cautiously optimistic about Kohn.

I still don't trust Salas in the slightest.

And Yoslan Herrera looks like a harder-throwing version of exactly what you would expect Yoslan Herrera to be. There's really no reason for him to continue to exist on this roster.

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Well here's how I see it, Herrera can leave, now. Kohn looks like he's a different pitcher. His delivery is different and at first I liked it but I am very weary of him. His new delivery, at least from the TV view, looks like he shows the balls very early and for a long time. As far as Salas goes, he could be getting back to his career norms, and that would certainly be an improvement over what we've seen. Even if they suck they aren't going to give up runs every time they pitch, which it sure seems like they do right now.

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I think Shoemaker deserves to return, and Maronde as well. When they can bring Maronde back up, after ten days or what not, they probably will. 


I think the only reason they sent Maronde down was he was the only healthy BP with options at that point, besides Shoemaker. The only reason they sent Shoemaker down is that he pitched a lot in the two previous days and they wanted a left hander for the pen in Alvarez. Herrera was about the only realistic option on the 40 man to bring up once they realized De La Rosa wasn't right. 


They could've brought up Rasmus or Wall, but none of those guys are anything special. 


I'm happy with some of the pen, and if Salas pitches as well as he did last night, I have no issues there.


Frieri / Smith / Kohn / Salas / Jepsen / Alvarez / Herrera is not a bad pen, but I'd like a second lefty instead of Herrera, perhaps they can send him down and bring up Roth or Maronde like I said earlier before the Yankees series.

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