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Frieri is finished as closer!

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Had 2 strikes on him and had it set up for the tailing fastball up and AWAY to hopefully get him to chase. Instead, he throws it down and in for Jaso to tee off on. Horrible pitch. He's not a good closer because he is way too prone to the HR ball which changes things in an instant. Need a high K reliever who gets GROUNDBALLS ideally for the closer spot


How many times have the A's come back late vs this team over the past few years? Seems like this happens every series vs them.

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No out pitch, only can throw a fastball straight down the middle. I could see that coming a mile away, just surprised Cespedes didn't jack one out.


This teams bullpen is GARBAGE!


He was trying to call time and just got his hand back on the bat as Frieri was starting his delivery. Timing was off just a little.

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He's the same pitcher he's always been.  He hasn't changed and I don't think they should expect him to change.  He's an ideal closer for a bottom of the league team but not a championship one.  He'd be a third option...a seventh inning set-up man at best.  They really need to look at their options and see if a closer with experience can be acquired

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Guess I'll be the apologist here.


37-for-41 in save chances last year.  Perfect in save opportunities in August/September.


Four consecutive lights-out innings in a row.  Only one baserunner in all four outings combined.


Breathe, people.  Breathe.  Frieri ain't pretty, but have you looked around the league lately?  Nearly every closer seems to be injured, suspect, or ejected from the role already.


Closers throw mistake pitches.  Shit happens.  We're 6-7 not 6-14.  Pujols is mashing, Santiago's start portends great things to come... the weak link in our rotation is Weave!  


Color me more optimistic than most.  Tonight smarted but it's one game.  149 to go.

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