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De La Rosa and Shoemaker sent down

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I am surprised  I didn't see a thread on this.  I turn on the TV and heard the announcement.  It makes sense on De La Rosa.  In fact, he should have been sent to Salt Lake for rehab instead of bringing him straight to the majors.


Shoemaker I believe is getting a raw deal.  Yes he gave up the game winner last night, but he only given up three runs in 6.1 innings.  That would be considered a quality start if he was a starter.  His role was to be a long relief man and I don't think he did too bad.  His early numbers are about squared with Salas.  The difference is Shoemaker's role is different.


I heard it was Alvarez and I missed the second guy being called up. 

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Ive been at work for most of the games, so I dont know how hes been used. But (while I see your point about quality starts), if shoemaker has only been coming in for an inning at a time...and hes given up a run every orher outing....thats not gonna be useful at all


He gave up his first run last night after 40 pitches. That's a long outing for a relief guy. He was the last man available and was going to have the pitch the rest of the game. He was put in a bad predicament. He did his job for his role in pitching a scoreless inning.

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And now they need a long man who will be available for the next few games thus the guy who will not be available and has options is being optioned. Not rocket science.


yeah, this is all about players that have options left. So you can cross Jepsen and Salas off that list.

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LOL @ sending down Shoemaker. This team doesn't have a clue.


Exactly what I thought at first, but then I realized it's probably a 2-day demotion. Scioscia didn't want to risk today's game requiring extra bullpen help and having their long reliever be gassed.


At least, that's what I hope is happening here. If not, the team doesn't have a clue.

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Re: DDLR, that's about as fast a hook as we have ever seen with a guy.  At some point, a team scout had to have declared him ready to go - that guy is probably getting yelled at right now.   It's nice to see the Angels act so quickly on something.

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I liked the Alvarez deal (sending Romine to Detroit) and Herrera looked pretty good in his debut today -- a good debut opportunity -- no pressure situation.


so, I like this move.


The guys called up can't do any worse than the other guys have done in the pen so far.


as for Shoemaker, he'll be back up at some point.

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