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Fantasy Baseball, anyone?


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Since moving out to the desert, I have found nary a person who has any interest in playing Fantasy Baseball. And the two leagues I'm usually in don't seem to be happening again this year.


In other words, I am a lonely baseball nerd who needs an outlet (other than AW). Are any of you doing leagues or would be interested in starting an AngelsWin league? Or does one already exist?

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We have an ESPN 8 team league (used to be a 10 team league but that changed about two years ago) of Angelswin.com folks that has been around for some 10 years or so now (I've lost track).


It looks like one of our team owners from last year (we are in the third year of a Keeper League) won't be returning this year. I'm giving him until March 1 to either confirm that he's back IN or we'll get a new owner --- which would be you, Taylor, if you are interested.


Now, our league is for the time-pressed fan who is not obsessed with FLB -- we do an auto-draft through ESPN (it is set for March 14) and do a season long roto type scoring. There's no head to head, week by week stuff and, obviously, we don't have a live draft that consumes hours and is difficult to coordinate times, dates and places.  


This league is set up for the fan who likes FLB because it really keeps you up on the game and all the MLB players in each league, but wants to be able to spend less than five minutes a day at whatever time the person wants to participate.


It's a FREE league  -- and I prefer leagues where there is a cost simply because if someone pays for the league they are more likely to stay involved -- the one commitment we absolutely need from you is a commitment to actively participate in the league all season long from the season opening game to the final game of the season including any regular season play off game(s) to decide the division winner/ wild card spots. Nothing is worse than a FLB team owner who's team falls back in the standings and then that team owner just stops participating for the rest of the season -- that affects every other team in every FLB category in the league........I've been in leagues where this happens (usually in the FREE leagues) and don't like it. So we need to have that commitment from you. Since you're an avid FLB participant, sounds as it if it won't be a problem/issue for you.


If you want IN, let me know and I will reserve a spot for you -- I'm pretty sure that the team owner who has not responded to date, won't respond by March 1.


At some point you will need to send me your e-mail address so I can add you as a team owner.  Let me know by posting a reply on this tread.

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Looks like we have some potential takers for the one spot that may be available in our league.


Taylor, please respond by Monday if you're interested otherwise, will look to yams12 and LBHalos17.


We have six AW folks in the 8 team league now and One Dodger fan interloper who we all love to finish ahead of in the standings. One spot may be open if the team owner doesn't respond soon.

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