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Dear Angels... Your TicketExchange Sucks

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Because they don't want to look stupid overcharging for tickets for Friday, I am unable to lower the price on my tickets below a 50% markup.  I just wanna get my money back on a game I can't go to and it looks like I am going to have to eat my tickets unless I turn to StubHub.


I haven't been wanting to go back to StubHub because it so much easier to just post on the exchange but you are leaving me no choice.  And once I get comfortable using SH?  Well, that'll simply be where I sell my tickets and then you won't get your cut any more.


I predict "dynamic pricing" will be a dynamic turd.  The Angels have to artificially prop up the prices so that they don't have to explain to customers that got scalped for $95 why the guy next to them paid $50.  And when the market price of a ticket is $50, it's $50.


And their no forwarding until 24 hours before game time rule is OBVIOUSLY to hamstring people trying to sell electronically on StubHub.  It's a massive inconvenience.


C'mon Arte, I am all for capitalism and profit motive, but when you resort to strong-arming your most loyal customers...  You wonder why season ticket sales have cratered?  It's hard enough to justify pouring thousands of dollars towards tickets but when the SSHs recognize that you are screwing them over, it pushes that many more of them away.


Here endeth the rant.

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Wow I didn't realize they put even higher price floors in on the ticket exchange now.  The Angels ticket office is living in the stone-age of ticketing.  If the team remains under .500 they are going to be well under 3 million fans this year and the fault will lie solely with the head of ticketing for the Angels.

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People do look at craigslist for tickets. I bought them there all the time when I was in OC.

If you live close to a fwy or a mall (who in So Cal doesn't?) it's pretty easy to meet people away from your home, and it is cash in the pocket, and people will come back for other tickets.

I made some contacts that I would email when I wanted tickets and I would buy from the same people 4 or 5 times a season.

No BS fees to pay for anyone involved.

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