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For those complaining that Weaver was getting squeezed

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...check out this link:




If you go to the pitch chart (scroll down a little), you'll see that he actually got 9 out of the zone pitches called as strikes yesterday.  His problem wasn't the ump.  


His fastball averaged 86.8 MPH, which probably wasn't helping matters.


EDIT: To be clear, I think only a couple of people in the rant thread yesterday were talking about the ump and the zone.  Still thought this was an interesting visual.

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I didn't get to see the game -- was sort of worried that the velocity was becoming a bigger issue but it doesn't look like the velocity was as problematic as possibly his location and pitch selection.   Natural counter argument is that velocity would make those two factors less of an issue, but this graph at least makes the case that it's not simply a velocity issue.  


All I know is that first turn through the rotation and the three suspects have completely out-pitched the two sure things, and while it's nice to see the question marks do well, this team is dead in the water if the top of the rotation doesn't get it going.

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According to the pitch charts he had at least 15 pitches in the 88-89mph range. Being on a mobile it is hard to see if any of those were strikes but at least it says he can get there.

I have to wonder why he doesn't let it loose at that velocity more often. Is it arm strength or not trusting his control so he keeps scaling back his velocity.?

It would serve him well to send a few more pitches to the plate at that 89mph range so his fastball has two speeds to keep the batters from timing the slower pitch and killing it. Even if he can't throw it for strikes the change in velocity forces the hitter to be on guard for one getting by them.

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Just watched the game recap on MLB TV and for a few of the home runs they showed Conger positioning for a low pitch but Weaver elevated them into the zone and they were crushed.  Interesting.  If Weaver can't locate...

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I've always been under the impression that veteran pitchers took some time to build up arm strength going into a season.

I'm not going to be panicking about Weaver just yet.

The offense on the other hand, needs to show up more often than once or twice a week.

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I'm not exactly sure why people keep bringing up Weaver's velocity. Jepsen can throw hard, doesn't mean shit. Weaver has always excelled outside of velocity, and I think he would greatly benefit from a better pitching coach—and a catcher who isn't Chris Iannetta. His ability to target the strike zone/control has diminished slightly: but that's fixable. He's not some irreparable declining pitcher.

Deceptive pitchers like Weaver understandably have a harder time with same division teams simply because the batters have more experience facing him. Example: Felix Hernandez

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