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Jepsen/Kohn logic


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Watching Jepsen and Kohn these first two games gave me pause to question the sanity of Angels management in bringing them back at all. I'm not trying to throw anybody under the bus.  I just genuinely wonder if the Angels' front office scrutinizes split stats very much because it doesn't appear they do.   Some obvious things:


Jepsen and Kohn are AWFUL in night games.

How can the Angels overlook this when 81% of the games are played at night?  This is huge.  Look at their career ERA splits day vs night: 

Jepsen 3.08 vs 5.27

Kohn 2.22 vs 4.41


Terrible against AL West division rivals.

We play OAK, SEA, and TEX 19 games each.  Except for mop up duty, that means Jepsen is probably not serviceable for 23.4% and Kohn for 35.1% of the season just on the basis of opponents alone.  To be fair, Jepsen pitches great against Texas, and Kohn handles the Astros well, but the numbers below are a nightmare. 


Jepsen vs OAK and SEA:  9.12, 6.48 ERA

Kohn vs OAK, SEA, and TEX:  4.82, 5.68, 11.00 ERA


Given the above, I don't understand the logic of why Jepsen and Kohn factored into their bullpen plans at all.  What's the benefit of having someone on the roster so inconsistent who can only be counted on in just a small fraction of games played?  Further compounding that problem are the injuries, inconsistency, and/or inexperience in the American League that applies to every other Angels relief pitcher except for Frieri and Joe Smith.  Even the No. 3, 4, 5 starters have little to no AL experience.


Am I alone in thinking this season now rests very heavily on Burnett and Salas to be both healthy and effective in 2014?  Joe Smith can't do this all alone. 

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Sosh and Butcher don't help matters by inserting Jepsen and Kohn where they are destined to fail. 


That's what I don't understand.  They platoon hitters based on opposing pitching matchups, they (sometimes) use LHP relievers effectively, and guys like Frieri are preserved for the closer role.  Why can't they carve a similar arrangement for Jepsen and Kohn?  These guys would pitch effectively if the opponents were not AL West teams, and if they were not used as often in night games. 

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Because they can throw hard.

I don't see any other good reasons to have them on the roster and to get majority of the bullpen innings so far.


That's a good observation. 


All this organization seems to care about is velocity and how pitches "look" coming out of the pitcher's hand.  That's the view of a simpleton because hitters have such vastly different abilities. Good velocity is no guarantee of success. 

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