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Friday Night Shenanigans...

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A little tardy in posting this.  A varied Friday evening and night for DR.


My mom pre-ordered some home made tamales from a lady who sells them from her car or where ever she happens to be.  Long story.  Somehow they ended up (the tamales, that is) at my place and my mom wanted some for din din tonight.  So, looking for a bit of an outing, I drove the big bag of tamales to me mum's.  The mexican lady who made the tamales was kind enough to put the tamales in a 99 Cent Only store bag which seemed somehow fitting.  The bag tore apart.  Also fitting.


I came home for a bit then got a hankering for fish and chips.  So, back out I went again to my local chippie, as the English call it, and got "The Londoner."  Two pieces of fish and a bunch of chips.  The clerk asked me, as he was prepping my order to go, "Do you take vinegar?"  I love that English phrasing.  Yes.  I take vinegar and lots of it.


Got the goods home and broke off a piece for my cat.  She was thrilled.  Not long after I got a text from my friend.  He's shooting a pilot up in Palos Verdes.  Call time was 5pm so that means they won't wrap until 5am and would I like to come around, see some familiar faces and have all the free coffee I can drink?


Well, I'm a sucker for free coffee and there's something mystical and clannish about late night/early morning shoots.  So, I watched a little tv (I picked up my acoustic guitar and busted my cats ears as I tried to play along to the VH1 Classics show "Totally '80s.")  You shoulda heard me kill "One More Night" by Phil Collins.  I also played along to "SOmebody's Watching Me," and a couple Morrissey tunes.  


I wanted to get to the shoot after they had lunch since I'm trying to stay out of the way, so I get to base camp at around midnight.  (semi-interesting movie/tv trivia:  no matter what time the crew breaks for their main meal, it's always called 'lunch.'  Even if it's at 11pm, like tonight.  It's always 6 hours after crew call time.  Union.) 


After arriving at the 'base camp' I got a nice little crew van ride to the location and am greeted by about 100 background folk.  All dressed up in tuxedos and fancy dresses for a big party scene at this giant home overlooking the ocean just around the corner from the Trump Golf COurse.  The home owner is getting $10K per day of shooting.  He'll need it for the mortgage.  It don't look cheap.  But then, it looks a little too much like a re-imagined Morton's or Cheesecake Factory for my taste.


Here's a nice lil' pic of me and my friend (jewish) about to attack craft services.  Although, I done good:  Just coffee and a tiny cookie for me.  There were some insane looking cupcakes that I wanted to take down.  I however, did not.  But I did sneak a pack of Twizzlers and almonds into my pocket..heeeheeehheeeee.  This is a shenanigans thread!




The next pic is of Breean.  She's really down to earth and is kind.  Probably not my type, ultimately, but she's not half bad.  She seems to have my best interests at heart and was genuinely glad to see me tonight.  Do you know what an under rated virtue that is?




I watched a couple scenes being shot, but since they were both being filmed outside, and involved a few different set-ups, I decided to split.  Got home at 2:30am.  These are the best nights.  Keeps me from being a basket case.  The cat wanted to go out when I got home so she's out hunting snails and the moon. 


Now I'm all on the couch watching 5th season Miami Vice.  Crockett said, "You wanna send a message, use FedEx."


Forgot to mention that I got very contemporary and used my ipod in the car to and fro.  Song choice was not all that contemporary.  Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music:  'Windswept,' 'Take a Chance On Me,' (two great, atmospheric songs...I wanted to play them as I was driving past the San Pedro shipping area as seen in the movie "Heat."  There's a chord that's played in 'Take a Chance...' that is just one of the damndest most beautiful bits of music ever.  I also played some Fleetwood Mac 'Big Love' and Lindsey Buckingham's 'Trouble.'  A German band called Propaganda.  "Dead Giveaway" by Shalimar.  "Lotta Love" Nicolette Larson (written by Neil Young but his version sucks!), The Who's "I'm One," and "Don't Let Go the Coat."  "She Brakes for Rainbows" by the B52s...love the arrangement in that song.  A good one for the ol' headphones.


That's about all my shenanigans tonight.  Going to National Lampoon's offices on Monday, I learned today. 


If anyone's interested, the pilot I saw tonight will be shooting some surf stuff in Huntington tomorrow.  I think Shawn Thompson, the pro surfer, is the stunt surfer.

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I didn't think about that but you are right.  Even the coffee cup has the same tilt to it.  I shoulda switched it up with of the cupcakes.


Side note:  Watching the Miami Vice episode "Over the Line."  Crockett and Tubbs are infiltrating a gang of vigilante cops.  Tubbs just said one of my favorite Tubbs lines:  "There are no bad cops.  Just cops who've seen too much."  Don't know exactly why it's among my favorites.  It's probably more in the delivery than anything.  Like Jose Mota's delivery.  There's just something special about it.


It looks like Downing just photoshopped people into the pictures.  His picture is the same in both.  j/k

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It's my Jose Mota translation device.  They use them at the UN when a foreigner is speaking.  Just kidding.  It's for headphones to listen to the audio when a scene's being shot.  Often times, the video monitors (aka the 'video village' which was interestingly enough invented by Jerry Lewis) are far from the action or in a place where you can't see the scene being shot, so the remote headphones let you hear what's being mic'd.


This is a video village on a set.  That's Bruce McGill on the right.  He was in an episode of Miami Vice called "Out Where the Buses Don't Run."  It's commonly thought of as the best Miami Vice episode.  It's in my top five to be certain.





What's clipped onto your pants pocket DR?

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you hang out with jewish people?

thats not very miami vice like of you


Some of my best friends are...well, never mind. 


The fifth season Miami Vice episode "Victims of Circumstance" deals with neo-nazis and the holocaust.  It's pretty jewish.  And one of my favorite Vice characters is 'Charlie Glide,' played by Ned Eisenberg. 


To bookend it, have you ever been to Miami or Palm Beach?  Let's just say there's no shortage of jewish folk. 

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