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Dipoto and the bullpen

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What's up Angel fans! This is not really a complaining thread, more just an observation. It seems like ever since Dipoto took front office this team is just incapable of having a strong bullpen. It appears that this may be our achilles heal once again this year. Not sure if it's Butcher messing up the pitchers, but I personally am sick and tired of rolling out the Kohn's and Jepsens of the world. 


We signed Joe Smith which I liked. Solid reliever, Dipoto had to do that....but after Smith and Frieri it's just all question marks. We really need Burnett to come back healthy and strong...and it'd be nice if RJ Alvarez or Mike Morin was given a chance over the disgraceful Jepsen who seemingly has been with the club forever. 


So the way I see it is we have 2 good pieces right now. Alvarez or Morin will eventually be quality bullpen guys. The focus has to be on getting a solid lefthanded reliever (not a LOOGY). Another option would be to trade for a starter and move Santiago to the bullpen at some point but I don't like that because I'd like to see what Hector can bring to the rotation first.


It's only one game, but it's time to take the trash out. Jepsen has worn out his welcome IMO


Also, I really don't think Maronde is ready at all. He looked terrible last year IIRC

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It's not just a bullpen thing.  This starting rotation has a ton of question marks as well.  We have no idea what we're going to get out of Santiago, Richards, and Skaggs.  I think there will be a lot of growing pains with Skaggs this year.  I know it might be only one game, but the pitching staff is already doing what I dreaded would happen before the season.  Scioscia tried pointing at spring training and saying these guys had a successful spring but is he failing to realize most of the relievers were pitching against a bunch of A and AA guys on the other team by the time they were brought in to get some work?  This is the first time this year they've had to face actual major league hitters and it's scary looking at the results.

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