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Season Seat Holders


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Stub Hub has become more difficult this year, Stadling and it is unfortunate.


it used to be so convenient.


now it is more difficult to utilize the bar code instant download with Stub Hub (and I don't think this is Stub Hub's doing, I think it is more the Angels and MLB -- which is their right to do so -- just limits options for the fans which, IMO, is always a bad thing).


another thing with both Angels ticket exchange and Stub Hub -- they now both insist (apparently) on PayPal account or direct deposit access to ban account -- I am ALWAYS leery of this (just part of the older crowd thing, I guess) and refuse to provide such access -- in the past Stub Hub would mail out a check to you -- I was fine with that.


the fees? Stub Hub fees seemed OK to me -- a little high at first look but when you consider the convenience and not having to do anything but post the tickets for sale -- I liked it a lot.


so to respond to your question -- YES -- it's a lot more difficult for re-sale this year -- and while the stated goal, perhaps, of Angels and MLB was to cut down on re-sale opportunities for folks who regularly trade in tickets -- I think the UNINTENDED consequence will be an overall reduction in season ticket packages of all types as many fans don't want/ can't go to 81 games and sell part of the package to finance the purchase of the games they do want to go to..........now that it's become more difficult to do that, folks are going to do other things with their time and in S.Cal there's lots of other things to do.


We discussed this on other threads -- but MLB needs to wake up -- they are losing the tradition baseball tried and true fan right and left --much of it is by attrition as the baseball fan crowd gets older (not quite average age deceased yet but getting close),  So MLB and organizations need to be making things EASIER for the occasional fan/ game attendee not tougher or they are going to see their attendance numbers really slip -- and where they will see them slip is the Mon-Wednesday night games........folks just won't be buying those tickets.  those are the ones that a sold pretty much because some bought a season ticket plan of some sort.

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Every issue I'm having with stubhub is really created by the Angels and MLB.  I'd gladly sell on the ticket exchange if they could get anywhere close to the same exposure and price as stubhub.  Both with sending tickets to clients and resale, the new 24 hour PDF rule is a huge pain.

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Steve -- I concur completely........and if this continues (which it is ) -- the drop off in season ticket sales will follow as folks (like many of us) who buy a season ticket plan of any kind with plans to re-sell at least some of the game tickets (simply can't make the calendar work for them all -- especially when Angels have 'pre-selected' the mini-season ticket plan games) -- folks will just say 'this is too much of a hassle' so no tickets this year, I'll go down on game day and over-pay with a broker of any games, if any, I want to go to......


that's what will happen -- it's happening a bit this year and I think the full affect will be felt next year.


of course, a winning team tends to cure all -- even this ticket stuff perhaps -- but over the long haul -- I think fans will find other things to do.

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