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Angels and Trout Agree - 6 yrs/140 Mil

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I don't know.  That's seems like an awful lot of money for a guy that's only given us two years.  I'd have probably waited a couple more years to make sure he's legit


















haha!!!!!  Awesome stuff!!!. 

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Great news for Trout, team, and the fans. Mike Trout didn't get ripped off by any stretch of the imagination.

With only two years under his belt ... there is some risk for the Angels.

Great deal for both sides.

This is a fabulous deal for Trout. If he performs up to expectations the next seven years, he'll be able to name his price for another extension, either with us or another team. The bidding for his services will be unbelievable.


He'll be at the prime of his playing career when this contract is up. A fabulous deal for anyone.

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I think it comes down to this: Mike Trout wants to be an Angel, and he wants to win with the Angels so much that he's wagering his prime years on the team's chances.


It feels so good to have a player of Trout's caliber want to be here for reasons that transcend making the greatest amount of money possible.  That's no slight on players who maneuver for the best deals they can get - who can blame them?  But this is refreshing.


I'm proud to be a fan of the Angels and of Mike Trout.

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This seems like a pretty fair deal all around. The Angels buy out 3 or 4 years of free agency, Trout gets a huge insurance policy, and the Angels get a $35m/year player for roughly $24m/year. Good job by all involved.

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This is an awesome extension. My only question is about luxury tax. If they are ever willing to pay the tax it'd been good to do it this year. They could've signed him to 7/$145.5 million. This would've made his AAV for each year just over $20 million, this would've opened up $5 million each year for tax purposes. Just interesting to me. I guess no questions now, just enjoy it.

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