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Pac Amp/Ticketmaster


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I just bought tickets to Bad Religion/X at Pac Amp on July 17.


I got this email saying "internet presale" so I went to check it out.  There was a promo code in my email.  Internet presale starts at 10:00 AM, but I figured hey it's 9:00 let's see what's available.


So I go there and most of Section 2 is sold out, the rest is reserved for internet presale.  There are some decent seats midway up sections 1 and 3 on the aisle.


I find that if I select "concert + vip parking package" I can go ahead and buy tickets, whereas "concert only" I have to wait until 10:00. I wish I had known that beforehand, I might have tried at 5:15 AM when I read the email.


Anyway, tickets are $44.28 each, I bought 2.

$4.78 service fee on each ticket.


VIP parking is $33.51.  How they arrive at these prices I have no idea.

$3.51 service fee on the VIP parking pass.


So now I'm at $122.07.  I figure OK, if I wait until July to buy tickets on eBay I'll pay $150 at least, without parking.  So I click "continue" and surprise!


$4.50 order processing fee.  Total $126.57.


I feel a little bit like I got ripped but at least we're going to Bad Religion/X.



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Less than $20 for service/processing fees on Ticketmaster for 2 tickets and a parking pass? Consider yourself lucky.


I remember getting charged like that for each individual ticket back in the 2003, price of the ticket was $34 and processing was like $20 it was ridiculous.

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I went and saw Wolves In The Throne Room last week and bought my tickets in advance thinking they might sell out. Then when I got the the venue they had tickets for sale without any fees! I hate getting tickets online...


One thing I've done over the years if I can't buy direct is just go to the venue. At the minimum there is always people selling extra tix at face value or better. Let someone else eat the fees.

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