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Grand Theft Auto V


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And the game looks beautiful. The map itself is bigger then GTA IV, GTA San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption with room to spare. Anything you see you can go to. From the tops of mountains to the depth of the ocean. Here are some screens to put it in perspective.















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Already saw it. I'm not convinced. Hacking will be fun for about one playthrough. And I'm pretty sure you won't be able to ply jets, planes, Drive ATV's, Go hunting, Hiking, Play a full 18 hole golf game, Go underwater and see sharks and go explore underwater caves. And I'm pretty sure 5 years from now no one will be playing Watch Dogs but there will still be millions playing GTA V just like they are still playing GTA IV five years later.

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Hmmmmm. I'll agree it wasn't the best. Mainly because there wasn't much to do. But from a gameplay and graphics standpoint it was the best. Best story. Better driving physics. Ragdoll physics and COVER SYSTEM! The biggest one for me.

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Was San Andreas the one where you had to eat?  These games are only fun for the first half hour when you pick up hookers and shoot random people.  After a while running from the cops gets old and the story lines are too repetitive.

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GTA 2? The one with the top down perspective?


I think you might be talking about GTA III



Know it wasn't GTA 1.  So either 2 or 3.  The one where you stole cars (Hummers were fun since you could run over just about anything), blew up things, had the cops chase you, found a cubby hole, and shot at all the cop cars and helicopters.  I think there was a bridge that seperated the parts of the story.  That's all I remember.  

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What's the over/under on the actual release date of this game?  Right now, they're shooting for September just so that when the inevitable delays hit, they still hope for at least a December release.


I'd say that the over/under on this game should be set somewhere round about the first Tuesday of December (Dec 3, 2013).

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