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Tim Mead's Dugout Talk at the AngelsWin.com Spring Training Fanfest 2014

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When it comes to the AngelsWin.com Spring Training Fanfests, there are numerous highlights to the event. To limit it to just one does not do the weekend enough justice. Not only did we get to meet two starting Major League players (Kole Calhoun and Hector Santiago), three of the top prospects in the system (Taylor Lindsey, Mike Morin, and Mark Sappington), the Angels GM Jerry Dipoto, the Angels media (Mike DiGiovanna, Jeff Fletcher, Jose Mota and Terry Smith), and a great Angels fan and comedian Sarah Colonna. How can we top all of that?

Easy. The AngelsWin.com Spring Training Fanfest weekend isn’t over until Sunday morning when Tim Mead, the Angels Vice President of Communications climbs on top of the dugout prior to batting practice and takes questions from the fans.

Like Jerry Dipoto, Tim Mead answers all the questions, ranging from the stadium lease negotiations to playing Buttercup to what’s happening in the clubhouse. However, as one of the longest serving members of the Angels front office, Tim has a historical perspective that make his insights even more relevant to fans. When Tim talks about the presence that Don Baylor brings, he does so having known Don as a player and again as a coach with the team.

If there is one video that you watch about the Angels and the upcoming 2014 season, make sure it is this one. The information shared and the stories told make it a must watch. 

So relax, pull up a chair and enjoy the next hour of Tim Mead talking with fans. You will be glad you did.

We are aware of a technical glitch that we experienced around the 42 minute mark. We apologize for it.

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About the glitch, quick question and I may be way off base here...

Was something edited out there?




David's memory card ran out of space, but he had a spare on him. Had to replace it. I think all the good questions got answered before the glitch though. 

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About the glitch, quick question and I may be way off base here...

Was something edited out there?

Not at all. As others pointed out, time flew by, as did space on my memory card. I was going to edit it better to make the transition more smooth, but decided that the bit that I caught regarding the stadium improvements was important on its own and left it in there so we could get as much info from his talk as we could.

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Oh and I would be remiss if I didn't say "Thank You" for these videos.  I learn so much about the team we all love from them.  The inside stories, explanations and similar stuff is out of this world.


I so wish I could attend these but our AZ trips always coincide with my son's Spring Break which is inevitably after the FanFest takes place.


Question, does anyone know what the point he was making about Baylor and the batting helmets?  I took from it that it kind of a "take pride in being an Angel" thing.


And my favorite nugget from all the materials you guys so graciously provided was the Josh story, "when you tell the story, tell it well."  LOL

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