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Best Offensive Numbers for 2014


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 I want to know what the best we think every regular can do this year. Not what you expect them to do, what the best they can do is. BA/OBP/SLG/OPS is best.



1. Calhoun. In 222 PA last year he had an .808 OPS. In his minor league career he's been between .877 and 1.047. Usually a bit old for each level. I'd say .300 / .400 / .500 is the best he'll do in 2014.


2. Trout. Best player in the game can break the 1.000 OPS barrier. He can hit for a higher average than we've seen, but with that higher average, I don't see a huge increase in OBP, still… he can have otherworldly numbers. I think we may see an increase in power though. Let's say .350 / .460 / .650.. Similar to Mantle's 2 MVP years in his 20's.


3. Pujols. I hope we can see the Pujols hit to a .315 / .415 / .585 / 1.000 OPS season, but that only happens if he walks more and hits for power. 


4. Hamilton. Not as old as people think but coming off a bad year. Last time he had a season with an OPS under .800… the next season he won the MVP with a 1.044 OPS. Maybe a .320 / .370 / .585 season? 




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5. David Freese. I'd hope for a .300 average / .375 OBP / and a .475 SLG. That's an .850 OPS and would be career highs. He's hit to .297 before / .372 before  and a .467 SLG.


6. Raul Ibanez. Not high hopes here, but he can hit the long ball. I suppose if he was able to hit .275 / .350 / .550 numbers he hit a few years back in PHI, we'd be ecstatic. I'd be happy with .260 / .340 / .460, but I suppose replicating the PHI numbers are the best he could do.


7. Howie Kendrick. I'd love to see him finally hit to a high average. He's been pretty consistent in his major league career, hitting between .270 and .306, but mostly in the high .280's and low .290's. His OBP usually hovers around .330 and his SLG varies between . 400 and .464. If he could hit for a higher average as he did in the minors, somewhere around say .325, his OBP should go up to .370, if he hits HR his SLG should be near that .464 mark. Say .325 / .370 / .470, which puts him at an .840 OPS. I'm thinking he'll be right around .780-.800 as usual, but it would be nice to see him hit to .840.


8. Chris Iannetta. On fire this spring, perhaps he can hit like he did in Colorado? Not like he did in 2008, but maybe to a .260 average, with a .380 OBP and a .420 SLG. An .800 OPS from him would be excellent. I'd be happy if he tops .750 though.


9. Erick Aybar. Perhaps a return to the 9th spot, gets Erick back to a .310+ average. I'd be happy with a .290's average though and a . 355 OBP meaning he learned to walk more. Add that to a .415 SLG pct which he's topped twice and you've got a .770 OPS ninth hitter. That'd be great.

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