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AngelsWin.com's 2014 NCAA Bracket Contest

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Everyone is invited! All you have to do is enter via the link below and follow the directions.


The winner gets one of the following:


1.) A $50 gift certificate to the Angels team store. 2. $50 sent to your mail box via a check or electronically thru PayPal. 3. $100 to one of our adopted charities of your choice. Either the Angels RBI Foundation or the OC Miracle League.


Runner-up gets a Troutstanding t-shirt from our AngelsWin.com store.




You are invited to join my CBSSports.com Bracket Manager group! To accept this invitation and join the group, click the link below (or cut and paste the link into your browser's address bar). You'll be asked to enter the group password before you can join, so it is posted below.
Our Group password is: Angels2014
Joining is as easy as:
1) Sign In to CBSSports.com or create a new account
2) Enter your Bracket Group password when prompted
3) You're in!

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Chuck is no Warren Buffett. I only enter when there's a billion dollars at stake.


Ok, well, I might.

Ya that was yahoo's thing and went there first to create a bracket and they want a cell number where you receive text ads.  f that.  Unless you really thought you could do a perfect bracket then I messed up.  


Once you enter league you can fill in your bracket.  Get it done before Thursday is all.  I am able to do mine, just haven't gotten to it. 

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I was able to fill out my bracket.  Anyone new coming in let me know if you have trouble entering.  I had no clue what I was doing so anyone want to make a billion dollar side bet I don't get a perfect bracket. 


oops, I think I meant to say I get a perfect bracket.  Almost lost a billion dollars. 

Edited by Kurt Swanson
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Last year my final four were still in it during the elite8. Needless to say I never made the Championship game. How do you have 4 of 8 in a tourney and they all get wiped out? I must be uber talented,


Not as talented as when your Final Four are all gone by the end of the first round.

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