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Angels Official Website: Trout looking to pounce early at plate

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Few guys have been in as many deep counts as Mike Trout these last two years. Only eight of them have had more plate appearances with a full count; only six have hit with two strikes more often. The approach is a credit to Trout's comfort with two strikes, but it's one that also leads to a lot of walks and strikeouts, limiting the star-studded outfielder's ability to drive in runs. This year, it'll be different.

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I have no issue with Trout trying to be a little more aggressive. His plate discipline is so incredible that I trust that he will be able to swing at mistake pitches and lay off the bad ones.


If he were to add about 5 HR or so this year while sacrificing a few walks, I'd be all for it. 


Now, you don't want Trout to be swinging all the time now since walks are super valuable and him being on base creates a lot of opportunities. But I don't mind seeing him hit a few more 420+ foot shots this year. 

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I agree with the idea that he's done fine with the approach he took the last two years... and that the strikeouts aren't a big deal.  I don't mind him getting on base so much, either.  Baseball is a game of adjustments, though, and, I'm sure if this approach doesn't work, he'll adjust.  If it does, pitchers will adjust.   That'll happen anyway.  It is strange to hear, but I'm confident that Mike Trout will continue to dominate. 

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if this is a 'put the ball in play and use your speed' sort of thing then I'm gonna collectively punch the coaching staff in the neck. 


if this is Trout recognizing that he lets cookies float by when he is taking just to take then great.  We've all seen it with him where strike one is down broadway and it's a pitch we all know he can hammer.  If he swings on the first pitch or 1-0/2-0 to keep pitchers honest, I think his bb/k rate will actually go up.  They will respect that he could swing in any count and be less inclined to throw him early strikes when they adjust. 


he had the 32nd most 2 strike counts last year and hit .226 with a .676 ops. 


I trust Mike's zone management but I don't want to see him putting pitcher's pitches in play with weak contact.  He had the 3rd most at bats in the league of being ahead in the count and he hit .383 with an ops over 1.2 in those situations.  If done properly, I think he could end up seeing more situations where he is ahead.

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