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Any predictons/ guesses on the opening day 25?


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Thought most things were set but going through the roster some tough cut down decisions to be made -- some non-roster invitees will probably be given their walking papers this week so that maybe can catch on elsewhere......




H. Santiago


T. Skaggs

J. Blanton (big contract, long relief, sixth-spot starter -- keeping him costs Shoemaker roster spot)


PEN (6)


F. Salas

J. Smith

De La Rosa (is he back off DL?)

M. Kohn

S. Burnett (starting season on DL?)

One more spot to take place for Burnett/ De La Rosa if on DL





(why is Torrealba in camp as non-roster guy? Are we trading Conger? Don't think so)

(Hester back to SLC).



Pujols (1B/DH)

Kendrick (2b)

Aybar (SS)

Freese (3B)

Green (depth MIF/3b)


(have a bunch of other guys in camp - would like to see us keep Romine but I think Green has that spot; John McDonald in camp, Ian Stewart, Chad Tracy, Carlos Pena has been hitting well -- but we have too many OF'ers to keep a guy like him around -- unless Hamilton is starting season on DL and/or Cowgill gets sent out).



Shuck (LF)

Hamilton (LF/DH)

TROUT (CF -- best player in all of MLB)

Calhoun (RF)

Ibanez (OF/1B/DH)



I could see Halos sending Cowgill out and/or Hamilton on DL to start season allowing another MIF type to be on the Opening Day 25: one of the non-roster guys listed above......Carlos Pena has played well but we have too many of those kind of one dimensional guys on the team already -- so Romine? (tried and proven -- been around the Halos big league roster since 2010, great glove; McDonald -- great glove, veteran presence - ok bat, not great; Ian Stewart versatile, decent stats but mostly from Coors Field time; Chad Tracy ? Can't believe he felt Angels was his best shot to stay on MLB roster).


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I'm guessing the Angels go with a 4 man bench and 7 in the pen. I'm guessing Conger, Green, Shuck and Pena on the bench.

Pen will be Frieri, Smith, Jepsen, Kohn, Moran, Salas and Blanton to start the season with DDLR and Burnett on the DL and Shoe, Morin, Rapada, Maronde and Rasmus in AAA and Alvarez, Sappington and Bredrosian in AA.

Once DDLR and Burnett return we'll see Blanton cut loose and likely Salas go down to AAA.

But here's a bold prediction for you, by next year the pen will be Frieri, Smith, DDLR, Maronde Morin, Alvarez and Bedrosian.

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Here goes nothing:


Starting rotation: Weaver, Wilson, Santiago, Richards, Skaggs


Bullpen: Frieri, Smith, De La Rosa Jepsen, Salas, Moran, Kohn (Burnett starts the season on the DL)


Catchers: Chris Iannetta vs. lefties and a personal catcher for Weave and another pitcher (?), Conger gets a lot of time against righties and is the personal catcher for Wilson and Skaggs/Santiago


Infield: Pujols, Kendrick, Aybar, Freese, Romine, Green 


Outfield: Trout, Hamilton, Calhoun, Shuck


DH: Ibanez (with some shudder time in the outfield and first)

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1. Calhoun RF

2. Trout CF

3. Pujols 1b

4. Hamilton LF

5. Kendrick 2b

6. Ibanez DH

7. Freese 3b

8. Ianetta C

9. Aybar SS


Conger, Green, Shuck, Cowgill


1. Weaver

2. Wilson

3. Richards

4. Skaggs

5. Santiago




Burnett (when healthy)

De La Rosa (when healthy)




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I'm waiting for MLBTraderumors to get to the AL West out of option players.  But I read in another article that Romine is out of options.  I'm wondering who else on the Angels is out of options.  


Romine is, I believe Cowgill and Jepsen are, don't know who else.


I think Frieri is too, but he's a lock, so whatever.

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Romine is, I believe Cowgill and Jepsen are, don't know who else.

I think Frieri is too, but he's a lock, so whatever.

At this point I think Jepsen is a lock, too. They will have him on a short leash, though, and replace him if he struggles. I don't see them cutting him without being given one more chance.

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Here goes nothing:


Starting rotation: 1. Weaver, 2.  Wilson, 3. Richards, 4. Santiago 5. Skaggs 


Bullpen: 6. Frieri, 7. Smith, 8. Burnett, 9. De La Rosa, 10 / 11 / 12. Three of Jepsen/Salas/Kohn/Maronde/Blanton/Moran. 


Catchers: 13. Iannetta & 14. Conger basically splitting time evenly. 


Infield: 15. Pujols, 16. Kendrick, 17. Aybar, 18. Freese, 19. Green 


Outfield: 20. Trout, 21. Hamilton, 22. Calhoun, 23. Cowgill


DH: 24. Ibanez


25: Shuck or Romine for last spot.

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My take:

Rotation: Weaver, Wilson, Richards, Santiago, Skaggs

Bullpen: Frieri, Smith, Salas, Jepsen, De La Rosa, Kohn, Moran (simply because he is Rule V and when Burnett is ready we can either keep him or send him back to Seattle), and Boshers (8-man to start season)

Position: Calhoun, Trout, Hamilton (if not ready then Shuck), Freese, Aybar, Kendrick, Pujols, Ibanez, Iannetta

Bench: Conger, Green (longshot but his bat plays, otherwise Romine) and Shuck (or if Hamilton is out, Cowgill)

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what do all of you see in shuck that makes you think he should make the opening roster?  he's really a terrible backup OF.

Better defensively than Cowgill..Not saying much, I know.

Long has a shot to beat them both out, but we know Sosh has a love thing for JB, so we'll see.

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Better defensively than Cowgill..Not saying much, I know.

Long has a shot to beat them both out, but we know Sosh has a love thing for JB, so we'll see.



shuck's defense isnt good either, he often misreads the ball and has to make up for it by diving.  I'd rather have a guy who reads the ball correctly and makes the catch standing up.  

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good predictions -- I agree that Morin (is it Moran?) as a Rule V guy probably makes it as Burnett's replacement on the 25 -- what's the rule on that? -- if we keep Morin to open the season and then reinstate Burnett from the DL about 20 days into the season -- does Morin go back (to Seattle) per Rule V or have we met the requirement to have him on the opening day roster......?


I think the Halos keep Blanton but I have not been able to follow the Spring Training games --- most here apparently think Blanton is either DFA'd and then released or placed on the DL to open the season and buy time and then released........most posting here don't list him on the 25 -- I did because I just don't see DiPoto conceding defeat so easily on one of his first acquisitions as GM........and we're paying Blanton a lot of money --


can they cut an arrangement for Blanton to be sent to SLC as a 4-A guy? He'd likely have to agree to that........


Cowgill is a guy really on the bubble........didn't we get him from the Mets? He could catch on elsewhere.


As for JB Shuck -- IMO he's a lock. Not saying he necessarily should be -- saying he is.


Nice to see many saying Romine sticks.......I hope that's the case.


I don't see Carlos Pena making the team despite the good spring he's had UNLESS -- maybe -- if Hamilton starts season on DL.


How many of these one dimensional type players can we keep on the roster?  Hamilton, Pujols, Pena.........some say Shuck fits that category -- I don't necessarily agree with that about Shuck.


good predictions, though, guys......

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