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GDT: Diamondbacks @ Angels 3/8

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Bradley pitching for Arizona


Calhoun grounds out to SS. 1 out.

Matt Long grounds out to 1B. 2 out.

Pujols Ks looking on a curve. 3 out.


The K zone looks a little big today. Pujols 3rd strike was clearly a strike but there were two close ones to Calhoun and Long which were called strikes that I don't think were.

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Richards back out for the 2nd.


Montero hits a one hopper by the mound but Green was positioned well playing SS and was able to throw him out. 1 out.

Hill grounds out to short. Richards has fallen behind both hitters this inning. 2 out.

Mike Jacobs hits a lazy fly down the RF line and Long jogs to catch it easily. 3 out. 

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Bradley still pitching for the D-Backs.


Ibanez grounds to first. 1 out.

Ianetta draws a walk. Man on first, 1 out. 

Ian Stewart hits a can of corn to CF. Man on first, 2 out.

Green pokes one into shallow RCF. Ianetta advances to 3rd. First and third, 2 out.

Cowgill up. Green starts stealing 2nd, puts on the brakes and is thrown 2-3 trying to get back in time. 3 outs.


Still 0-0.

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Richards still in.


Marte dumps one over 2nd base on a full count. Man on first, 0 out.

Inciarte hits a high chopper to 2nd with the runner moving. Man on 2nd, 1 out.

Campana made a bad bunt right back to the mound but uses his speed to cause Richards to make a bad throw and pull Pujols off the base. First and third, 1 out. 


Pujols made a decent play to save the throw from getting away.


Gregorious doubles off the RF wall over Long's head. Both runners score, Gregorious caught in a rundown trying to get to third. 2-0 D'Backs. None on, 2 outs.

Prado dumps a single into RF. Man on first 2 out.

Goldschmidt doubles into the LCF gap and scores Prado. 3-0 D'backs. Man on second, 2 out.

Montero grounds out to first. 3 out.


I'm out to go get some gas and grab some food.

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