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Question Regarding Trouts 1 Year Deal

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i'm sure there are others that know more about the process than I do, but I would think it has little to no bearing on the Angels' leverage, since in the grand scheme of things he's still waaaaay underpaid in terms of market value.  He won't get market value in arbitration, but he'll get way more than $1 million (assuming his performance doesn't drop off significantly)

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In arbitration it's essentially which team can argue it's case more effectively to get its dollar figure.

Just a guesstimate, but if Trout doesn't sign an extension and he and the Angels actually get to the point of exchanging figures next year, it would probably be something like $11M and $13M. An arbitrator would pick one of the other.

That being said, it's very unlikely that will happen.

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Jeff, you'd know the answer to this.  


Can a signing bonus be split?  For instance, can the signing bonus for a 6 year deal be say $28 million.  $10 million up front, and $3 million a year?  


And when I say up front, like if Trout signed the contract tomorrow, he would get paid the $10 million tomorrow.  


And if that scenario goes through, would the $10 million still count towards the AAV for the contract and not count towards this years CBT?  


I think the answer is yes, it would not count towards this years CBT.  Just not sure if you can make a signing bonus structured that way, since I've only seen signing bonus' at once, or during a certain time period, or even past the contract.


Might be a way to get around the CBT, and keep the year 3 payroll as a record (think $100k over the previous year 3 contract), but not an earthshattering record that every team would curse the Angels over.  Angels would also be able to spread the big payments an extra year.

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The signing bonus on a 2015 contract does not count for 2014, no matter when it's paid.

All signing bonuses go into the total value and divided equally the same as the rest of the contract, regardless of when they are paid.

For the sake of easy math, say you get a 5 year 100M deal, that counts as 20M a year no matter how much of it is paid in bonuses and how much is paid in salary each year.

I assume Trout will get a nice bonus (5-10M) to be paid in '14 for his extension and it won't affect the 14 luxury tax as long as his salary for 14 is unchanged.

Edited by Jeff Fletcher
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