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World's most dangerous countries for driving

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I was in Cairo a couple years ago and to say they drive like crazy assholes is an understatement.

No traffic lights, just stick your nose out and go, like the India video above.


I never understood why some countries have such relaxed traffic laws, as compared to western europe or the us.


The level of danger goes beyond lack of infrastructure and quality roads.


Watch the Top Gear India special.  Super gnar.

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I've driven in a lot of scary places. Most places don't emphasize safety like they should. You rarely see kids in car seats or adults with seat belts. My biggest driving pet peeve in these places is lack of merging skills.


I describe the difference between driving in Manila and Riyadh as chaos at 25 MPH vs chaos at 75 MPH. Battling pedicabs  and jeepneys vs battling old men in Land Cruisers and privileged punks in 500 series BMWs while Pakistanis driving water trucks pass each other.

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fort lauderdale needs to be on someone's list. was there last spring and was completely amazed at the staggering number of people who cross the street wherever the heck they feel like it, regardless of traffic or lights. i feel lucky that i didn't kill anyone.

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I was in Malaysia for a few days, and during one of those days there was a huge rainstorm - water coming down in sheets, windy.  Me and a friend were taking a cab somewhere, and the driver scared the shit out of us.  He was listening to some happy pop music and swerving in and out of lanes in heavy traffic, sometimes going on the shoulder to pass other cars, all without breaking a sweat or even getting upset.  He was just enjoying his music while we were (not quite literally, but close) shitting our pants in the back.  I nominate Malaysia for the list.

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