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Raspberry Pi & XMBC


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I recently setup a Raspberry Pi running RaspBMC in lieu of a Apple TV or similar device.  It is an excellent setup.  It connects to my NAS directly using NFS so I don't have to deal with uPNP/DLNA compatibility.


To control it I am using FLIRC which is a tiny USB dongle that you can program with any remote.


This is the guide I followed.  http://mymediaexperience.com/raspberry-pi-xbmc-with-raspbmc/


All together it cost $100.  $61 for the Pi and FLIRC, and about $20 for 32 gig SD card & 20 for the 32 gig USB drive.  I used an existing ethernet cable, and micro usb charger to run it.  You can get starter kits with those items plus the case for another 10 bucks or so.  Add another 25 or so for wifi.


For the remote I am using a remote from an old Samsung TV that I don't have anymore.  Setup of the remote was super easy.  Plugged the USB dongle into my computer.  It shows a virtual keyboard, you click on the key you want and then press the button on the remote you want it to correspond it.  Took probably less than five minutes to setup, I just brought up the wiki for XMBC's keyboard controls and ran through them real quick.


Anyway, so far I am a big fan, it runs well and I don't have file format conflicts because of DLNA limitations.



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I wish I knew more about this stuff because I literally have no idea what any of it means. I have Apple TV. I plugged it in added an hdmi cable, set up the wifi password and it works every time. It cost about $100.

Nate, without getting too technical what programming can you watch on yours that you can't on Apple TV? Or what other features does it have? I ask because I know some like to tinker with stuff and others don't like the restrictions of things. I also know you use to be a big Apple fan, or at least iPhone fan. Just curious.....

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I built a case out of Legos with my daughter.  I didn't over pay, I actually saved a little bit by ordering it bundled with the FLIRC.


Strad, I use it to watch videos that I have downloaded.  I don't do Hulu or Netflix or anything so I can't speak to that.  The thing about Apple TV and the PS3, etc is they really restrict the format of the video you can watch.


I would also say that the Pi setup is somewhat advanced.  The lay user could probably use it but having some linux/ssh experience helps for advanced configurations.

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