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A sad day for record collectors

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everyone knows anytime you use those crap particle board shelves you have to keep that thin piece on the back for structural support because there is nothing holding corners together.

although that one looks like it's sideways - wouldn't the long pieces be horizontal (on pegs) and the short ones be vertical dividers?

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To me it's more sad that grown men can't build their own shelves.


Yeah there are a couple things that I've found at Ikea that work out conveniently, but for the most part, I usually need and/or prefer something a little more custom.


Plus I wouldn't trust a cheap $100 Ikea item to hold $1,000's of dollars worth of my records -- they're freakin' heavy!


However unlike most people I have a garage and all the tools I need to make that kinda stuff, so it's kinda understandable people that don't would prefer a cheap and easy solution. 

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Ikea furniture is pretty sketch but mrwicked is right. I popped over to their website to confirm and sure enough, according to the assembly guide those long planks are the shelves. So this idiot put the whole thing sideways. It may be a cube but it has a top and bottom and clearly it's a bad idea to put it sideways. Also, Ikea highly recommends that the larger units be anchored to the wall. If this idiot had followed simple instructions the unit would still be holding their collection.

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