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Good Times in Ukraine

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When the Soviet Union disbanded it left all these satellite states to attempt to create governments run either by former Communist Party members or mobsters or both and no real economic identity. Generations of ethnic tensions come back to the surface and boil over. Patton is screaming "I told you so!!!" from the grave.

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Now that the Olympics are over, it's time for the real games! It looks like Russia might be silently invading Ukraine.




Obama to Putin: "There will be costs for any military intervention in Ukraine"


In other words, Obama has given Putin every reason to intervene.

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JewSA and EU now threatening Russia. Lol.

Russia is behaving like any country would when backed into a corner. Please remember that Russia feels threatened as well by the West. The US and the EU have been intimidating Russia for years now. In no particular order:

-US building a missile shield to shoot down any Russian nuclear missiles

-Backing the independence of Kosovo in violation of Serbia's territorial integrity, a move that most of the world's UN member states reject by refusing to recognize Kosovo as an independent state.

-George Soros installing Sakashvili in Georgia

-Sakashvili going on to attack South Ossetia and Abkhazia with tacit support of EU and US

-Orange revolution in Ukraine

-Attacking Russian ally Syria by funding Al Qaeda in Syria

-Finally, Euromaidan in Ukraine

At some point, Russia becomes forced to strike back and show its teeth to protect its sphere of influence. That's what we're seeing now.

We're the aggressors here. Think of that what you wish, because obviously we have to do something about a totalitarian state that executes its own citizens with dronesuses Dyncorp voting machines in elections susceptible to voter fraudhas a small political elite consisting of a small number of well connected dynastiessystematically spies on the rest of the worldsupports genocidal Islamist terrorists in Syriaappears to kill whistle blowersforcibly dismantles political protestsUses private mercenary armies to occupy foreign countrieshas the highest numbers of prisoners per capita in the world, doesn't allow gay pride demonstrations, but at least recognize that we're the one pursuing an expansionist foreign policy here in an effort to preserve our unipolar world order.



We're about to have a nuclear war, folks.

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