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Cancel landline service, keep phone number ???


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I'd like to cancel my landline phone service -- but keep the landline number -- and have the calls forwarded (ported?) to my cell phone. 


Apparently this can't be done directly with Google Voice, you have to port the landline number to a throw away cell phone first, which isn't the end of the world.  I'm just wondering if anybody has done this and/or has a better suggestion? 


What about Google Voice itself...how would this work on a smart phone? 



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Google voice forwarding does exactly what it sounds like.  You don't even need a smart phone.  From the GV website you setup the forwarding and any time someone calls that number, your phone will get a call.  The only thing is it shows the GV number and not the number of the person that is calling.


Never had a number ported over though.  I am sure there are FAQs out there.

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I was just reading a FAQ on that topic yesterday.  They must have changed how it works because you can now configure it to show the caller's caller ID, or your Google Voice number.  https://support.google.com/voice/answer/117329?hl=en


This was going to be my next question -- if you set it to show the actual caller ID, do you have any other way of knowing which number they called?  With regular call forwarding from the landline to my cell, which I use right now, it rings differently if somebody calls the landline.  Then if the number looks like a telemarketer I don't answer.


I wonder if Google Voice can be configured to ring your phone differently for forwarded calls?

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Nice, I haven't tried in a very long time.  I used my GV number for the gate at my old condo complex.  That way if I was expecting someone and I wasn't home I could use the GV app to forward it to my cell.


For me it just rang normally, but like I said it was probably six years ago when GV was still invite only.

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I have google voice forwarded to my phone. I can't even tell when a call is coming from voice or direct unless I check it afterwards.


Can you elaborate on the pros and cons of using Google Voice?


What about using the Google Voicemail feature.  Is it possible to use it only for the forwarded calls? 

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I can't think of any cons other than questionable support in the future. Google has a tendency to kill off products when they get bored of them but if they did that you'd have enough advance warning to port your number back out.


Texting with it is slightly annoying too. Normally if you got a text from Bob then it would just show up as being from Bob. When Bob texts your Voice a random number shows up but the message will say "Bob - Hey I just sent you a message." If you get it forwarded to your regular number. If you use the Google Voice app you won't have that problem but the app is kind of slow and outdated and sucks to use. 


Having free or heavily discounted international calls depending on the country is a nice bonus. I mainly use my google voice number for things that require a phone number but I don't want to give my real number out to. That way if they try to spam me with calls it's easy to block.


It's been a while since I actually got a message on it but I think what happens is I get a notification from my voice app saying I've got a new voicemail. It's a separate notification from my standard voicemail. If you're on Android and have the app installed on your phone then it will ask whether you want your outbound call to display your regular or Voice phone number. You can choose whether it uses one number as a default, only uses Voice for international calls, or have it ask you which number to use every time. Missed calls can also be sent to your email and transcribed but not very well. 

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OK, so somebody calls your Google Voice number.  The call is then forwarded to your cell phone.  When you don't answer, how does that call get routed to Google Voicemail instead of your regular voicemail?  Maybe it doesn't do that and I'm just confused?


I'd like to have separate voicemail for each number.  Leave my regular cell phone voicemail intact, and have the Google Voice calls go to their own voicemail. 

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I think you better visit the google site for information.

I have it set so when someone calls my cell the VM goes to google voice inbox if unanswered - you set forwarding options on your phone. I believe I read the GV number will ring on all your cell phones? Been awhile...

Looks like this on GV:











Google Contacts

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