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Bartolo Colon in the best shape of his life


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yeah, we can all laugh about Bartolo - but watch him go out and win about 15 games......well, WAIT -- he is pitching the Mets this year, right?


The Mets are kind of like the Seattle M's of the NL -- most of the F/A guys they sign and even the 'taking a flyer' types like Bartolo Colon seem to flop for the Mets.


seems like a lifetime ago that Bartolo Colon became only the second Halo to win a Cy Young award -- but check his record since leaving the Halos -- he's actually done fairly well for the teams he's pitched for........

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taking a look back, Bartolo Colon had a $16 million deal with the Halos about the time (2005 -- hard to believe it's been about NINE years ago) he went 21-8 with the Halos and won the Cy Young Award in a year, where, admittedly, the Cy Young competition was fairly weak.


he faltered after that and wound up with the Red Sox during mid-season '08 where he went 4-2 -- fairly decent record but I seem (for some reason) to remember him getting hit pretty hard at a game at Fenway that was a nationally televised ESPN game.


The next year (2009) he signed a $1 million re-hab type contract with the White Sox and went 3-6, got hurt and was out all of 2010.


Then he bounced back with the NY Yankees and was in their rotation in 2011, went 8-10 that year but started off with some quality starts which cemented his 'he's back' reputation.


From there he winds up in the rotation in Oakland in 2012 going 10-9 and more importantly eats innings for them.........and that leads to last year's 18-6 season with the A's where some were even suggesting his name in the Cy Young Award context........


So now he's signed to a two year $20 million (9 this year, 11 next) with the Mets.


The guy has a 43-33 MLB record since leaving the Angels. He's averaging $10 million a year for the next two years.


Not bad for an over-weight guy who was considered washed up back in '08/09.


Chances are that now that he has a decent contract and is pitching for the Mets -- he'll flop and by some point in the 2015 season will have been DFA'd only to be picked up by and pitching for some other team (St. Louis?) down the stretch while the Mets are paying his salary and then his August/September, 2015 performance will earn him another contract......... 


But no matter what happens to Colon this year........he's already won.


The start I remember best for Colon is an opening day start he did for Cleveland against the Angels (I think it was the first game at the 'NEW' Edison International Field)....he masterfully shut out the Angels and I think that start may have led to the Angels signing him a year or so later.

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