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15 Worst Contracts This Year


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Wouldn't it make more sense to rate contract worth at the end of the season?


I mean Fielder could be great for Rangers this year or Hamilton could rake. 


Yes, and I liked the way the author prefaced everything. He laid out dsome ground rules, but also said it's a fun thing with regards to the topic...so more of a disucssion opposed to empirical.


Also, on the flip side, this list is essentially a revision of last year (with remaining years) as you mention.


Just a conversation piece. I was more interested in the blurbs for each player than where they ranked. Just good points about relievers and aging players in general.

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I'm the opposite, I like the final year deals because it makes more sense to have a body of work rather than just put Cano on there when he hasn't even played yet.


But the main context seems to be if a players contract allows him to be tradable or if a random team would want to take on said contract. 

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What about Wells?  They have a bunch of other 1yr deals in there.  Why not his?


Also, I think the Tigers effectively paying Kinsler 4/100 is one of the worst.  Granted, Kinsler is not actually getting that money, but the fact that they are agreeing to that should be recognized. 


Albert's deal is pretty dreaful, but interestingly, with FA dollars increase a decent amount this year, we could see the avg $/1 WAR at around 8mil for alberts deal.  


His bWAR is about 6.5 with 8 yrs and 220mil remaining.  If he need about 30 WAR over the ten years, then he would need about 23.5 over the next 8 or about 3 WAR per year.  Three 4-5 WAR seasons, three 2-3 WAR seasons and a couple of 1-2 WAR seasons gets him pretty close.  Just Sayin'  :)

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But more often than not, paying for them ends terribly. In Pujols’s case, it’s probably not going to take eight more years for team regret to set in.


For all but the nuttiest of the nutswingers, the regret set in about May 1, 2012.

I think there was recognition by pretty much everyone that the latter half of this contract would be anywhere from bad to complete disaster with the hope the the first five years of the deal would help net a few playoff appearances and hopefully a WS. 


So my regret was there but deferred to match Alberts salary :)

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But Pujols said he would void his contract if he can no longer play at a high level! We all believe that will happen, right? Right??........

Who says he can no longer play at a high level? Last year he was playing on one foot and played in 99 games and still had a 1.5 WAR. In 2012 he had over a 4 WAR. Is he overpaid, yes, but if he puts up 2012 type numbers then it isn't the worst contract ever like some are suggesting. If Albert can't get healthy then I believe he will retire before the end of his contract.

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But Pujols said he would void his contract if he can no longer play at a high level!  We all believe that will happen, right?  Right??........




i'd be a fool to bet on anybody giving up a lot of money over pride, but it has happened before and albert is the kind of prideful dude to do it too. we'll just have to wait and see how life plays out, i guess.

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