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Official 2014 Olympic Hockey Thread


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Call me a homer, but damn.. I really like the looks of this team. We are going to score a lot of goals, and if Quick gets on a roll... Watch out. the biggest concern is the defense. Hope they help out Quick enough. Here are the official lines for their opener in the morning.



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Stevie Y really shit the bed with this roster. Too old, too slow. Jeff Carter is complete poo, Rick Nash is trash. Should have sent the younger guys and let them skate. Sitting Subban makes no sense, this rink is perfect for a guy like PK. Dude can flat out skate, sure he has his boneheaded plays but the good out weighs the bad on a team that will struggle to score.

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Here's your guys' LA/Ana update after 2 periods.

Doughty scored on a softy from the point in the first. Carter added 3 of the easiest goals you could score. Perry did a great job to knock a pass out of the air and drop it back to Weber who showed off his cannon for the second straight day. Perry then shot it right into the glove on a penalty shot. And Getzlaf scored a decently nice goal, toey to back hand.

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Remember when the Canadians didn't well suck, but were not godly? Good times.

This team will struggle against Russia and the US.

Both those guys just have too much fire power. Canada picked there team on history more so than actual talent these days. Canada doesn't have guys like Kane and Kessel and Parise or Ovechkin and Malkin and Kovy. Canada is going to have to wok for there goals.

Toews, Crosby and Tavares are going to need to be more selfish is they want to win.

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Granted, they played a much better overall game today against Austria, but overall I still think they're running around like chickens with their heads cut off. They don't look like they have any chemistry whatsoever. Maybe that'll come after the pool play once they have more minutes on the ice together, but so far from what I've seen... Not the best. That and they've played Norway and Austria. Not necessarily the fiercest competition.

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