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Massive prisoner release in California postponed

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Oh no, don't release the guys with a grams of coke or the guys that stole from Target at a felony limit (used to be $400, not sure what it is now). Let's keep paying for their room and board.


Dude, the only felony stealing going on at the Target is your credit card.

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Well if there is one thing we have learned about CA is that they have plenty of money to afford keeping these guys locked up.



This should go right to the top of the list of you are spending my money.  People need to be locked up, no question, but it would cost even more money for them to figure out which don't really need to be.  


This identity theft and hacking Target, etc.  I think we need a war on that.  Ypou sell a pound of grass it does not come into my house.  You hack my finances, you should be put down. 

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Dude, the only felony stealing going on at the Target is your credit card.


Funny story about felonies and Target that I thought was genius when I heard it, from a crime perspective and obviously he got caught...so not that genius.


But I met a dude some years back that caught a case that was some serious shit. I don't think I'll explain it correctly because one part always stumped me, but basically what he was doing was taking coupons out of newspapers and what not and clipping just the barcodes. He'd go into Target and seal the new barcodes over the items and take them up to pay. They'd ring up at whatever these new barcodes were supposed to be discounted at.....so mens razors with a $2 off coupon would ring up as $2. Obviously Target has minimum wage employees that don't know or care what products cost, so he was doing it for a long time. However, the whole time or at some point Target started tracing him and instead of popping him when they found out about him, they built a case. This dude didn't just do this at some local Targets, but from SD to LA. So he had hit multiple counties and had various cases for the same crime going on. Never knew what ended up happening, but felonies and Target made me think of this.

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