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Hawthorne school district chief makes $663k a year


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The firemen can't have it all.


I love the way three high schools in Hawthorne/Lawndale are called "Centinela Valley".


i grew up in hawthorne. great place to live. centinela valley was usually used to describe inglewood and el segundo, but back in the 60s and 70s no one really called hawthorne part of the centinela valley.

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This article really pissed me off, both as a taxpayer and as a teacher.  The worst part is that it appears legal.  The idiotic school board should be kicked out on their asses.  That they could allow such mismanagement of funds is appalling.  Really, the contract is devilishly brilliant.  He paid for the service time and the district REIMBURSED HIM FOR IT!  That's ridiculous.  9% raise annually?


My first thought is that it is obscene.  My second thought was that I need to get into the administration side of education,  cause it ain't going away!

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The politicans in California wonder why there is a budget shortfall. Lol.


Came across this joke recently as someone I know got a new county job in OC. This person gets raises every 6 months and because of their hours (3-12) gets an additional percentage. They are making about double (going to be way more after all the pay bumps kick in) what the same job does in the private sector. Their benefits are amazing and there is even a healthcare plan where they are covered and get paid $30 a month, if they chose it. Pensions included, etc.


I always knew government, city, county jobs were killer, but damn.


As this is all being said of the new gig, an old Republican says, "No wonder the state is broke."

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And btw, there's a whole bunch of you a-holes here who post all the time about how they want newspapers to die - Newspapers are the only ones uncovering this stuff.  The LA Times exposed the Bell disaster, and the LANG uncovered this Centinela Valley mess.

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