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Prospect Profile: #27 Los Angeles Angels Matt Long


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Bats: Left Throws: Right Height: 5’11” 175 lbs. DOB: 4/30/87
(Arkansas/Salt Lake): .293/.371/.487 with 14 HRs and 20 SB

Across the board, Matt Long is a solid player. Hitting: he has never posted a season with an OPS below .800 or less than 25 doubles in a full season. Running: he has never posted a full season with less than 20 SBs. Fielding: He plays all 3 OF spots and since has 2012 transitioned back to playing 2B, where he played in high school. Throwing: he has an above average arm. 

The challenge for Matt Long has been to find an area in the Angels organization where he could truly carve a name for himself. Throughout his Minor League career, Matt Long has been blessed with across the board good skills, but not one exceptional skill to truly stand out. But that may ultimately prove his value to the organization because he can fill in at a variety of positions as a left-handed bat off the bench or pinch runner while playing several positions.

Look for Matt Long to start the season at Triple-A where he will continue to refine his defense at both 2B and all 3 OF positions. He has all the makings of a versatile super utility player, and may get some time in Anaheim in 2014. 

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First of all, nice job and thanks for the write up. 


I don't know this kid so I'm not sure if he's a good or bad guy.  An upstanding citizen or degenerate and of course my opinion may change relative to that some day, but I have and always will have a special place of hope for guys like this. 


I have a great friend who I grew up playing with.  He was one heck of a ball player and spent ten years in the minors with several very solid seasons. He was a college guy so he too was a little old at every level but he just produced.  Hit .322 with an .860ops with 20 sbs and a 40/70 k/bb ratio in AA at 24.  800ops in AAA at 25, and an .850 ops in a repeat year at AAA at 26.  Mostly a util guy.  Could play any position although was pretty mediocre on defense.  Had 4700 minor league at bats thru the age of 31 and even though his last couple of years his will for the game started to diminish and he was less productive, he ended up with a career .296 avg and near .800 ops.  Never got a major league at bat.


Then I see guys like Josh Donaldson who are finally given a chance that are able to not only hold their own but do well and it makes me wonder how many other guys labored away in the minors with solid performances just waiting for their shot.  I feel like a lot of these guys fall victim to the politics of baseball and too few are given shots on the big stage while guys who were billed as having the right tools keep getting chances over and over with the hope that something will click. 


So I look at Matt Long's performance instead of his age and see a guy that has done nothing but produce and can't help but think that somehow, this guy deserves a look. 


Personally, I would much rather see him get a look well before the colin cowgills, ryan langerhans, and brenan boschs of the world.  He's the type that is hungry for a chance and might surprise if given that shot. 


BTW, same thing holds true for a guy like Shoemaker.  Give the guy a shot over a guy like Blanton.  How much worse could he be. 

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Maybe Long is just a step down from an "in his prime" Figgy, if he could also learn a little 3B?

That would = rock solid super utility guy.

The sooner he could replace Shuck on the roster, the better.


I was actually going to mention him playing 3b.  Anyone that has seen him in the field know if this would be an option? 

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I've seen him and I feel like this could be an option if the Angels sent him down that road. But it appears to me they're happy with their 3B depth with Freese, Lucho, Green and Romine right now.

I like Long better as a 2B because of how his skill set stacks up, but again, I think the Angeks like their depth there with Kendrick, Green, Lindsey, Romine and Yarbrough.

Long's best bet will be his ability to man all 3 OF spots and run the bases. He'll need to outperform Brennan Boesch which won't be easy to do at the AAA level in SLC, but if he does he'll be 5th on the OF depth chart.

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