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Astros to sign Jerome Williams


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The Astros are going to be good a lot sooner than people realize. Next year they have a tremendous amount of payroll flexibility and they will likely go out and sign a couple of top tier free agent starting pitchers to compliment their young staff and a couple of decent free agent position players to compliment their young potential stars like Altuve and Springer.


They will not be a pushover in the very near future (and apparently they are already not a pushover for the Angels :(  ).

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I kinda like what the Astros are doing

I agree! Crain, Qualls, Albers, and now Jerome in the bullpen. Added a veteran in Feldman who, isn't great, but he's solid. Castro, Altuve, Carter, and Fowler are decent players. They just need some guys come up from the farm (Carlos Correa, Jonathan Singleton, George Springer, Mark Appel, Lane McCullers and Mike Foltynewicz throw in the upper 90's, Delino DeShields could be a stud. A lot of their top prospects are getting closer and closer, we need to watch out for them, especially if they keep adding pieces. 

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What do you like?  Not disputing you--just trying to understand.  So far this off-season, they've signed Feldman to a $30 million deal, Chad Qualls to a 2-year deal w/ an option, and now Williams. 


These are just strategic signings. The Astros are looking to contend in the very near future (read 1-3 years) so signing Feldman and Qualls gives them flexibility to move them in trade at some point in the foreseeable future and acquire pieces or significant prospect(s) to support their complete rebuilding effort. The relatively low prices that these two were acquired at are bargains and there are many teams that would be willing to trade for them, especially near the trade deadline.


To say it a different way the Astros are acquiring reasonably short-term value contracts that they can potentially flip for needed players/prospects as they enter their window of contention. Combine that with their significant team payroll space and there is no reason they couldn't sign James Shields next year plus other pitchers/players and suddenly they aren't pushovers anymore and could really be a serious threat in the AL West.

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Are you his agent?  ;)  I think his agent was the one spinning the "workhorse" narrative earlier in the off-season...

No, but I'll happily take a commission! I just think for a team going nowhere this year, like the Astros, Williams is a nice cheap option to soak up innings. For the Angels, they need someone more impactful, so I am not sad to see him go

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The Astros won't be good for another decade. I think people underestimate how terrible their major league core is.


Here's the thing, they have a ton of payroll space to make signings as needed, and they also have the best farm system in baseball outside of Minnesota and Boston.


It's funny because just a few years back their system was terrible. It just shows you how quickly things can turn around.

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