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Stocks dropping once again

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This is what happens when the Fed says it won't print money for forever. They'll probably start printing again if the Dow drops below 10,000. Good times.


The Fed is printing $75 billion each month, down from $85 billion. A slight "taper", that's all.


There's a slowdown in the global economy that's behind this, including China. The threat of a deflationary depression is once again on the horizon. 


Also, stocks gained 30% last year, so a correction is due.

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But Obama isn't helping, that's for sure.

On average we have a 10 percent pullback every year in the market. We haven't had one in over two years. Historically, there is a recession every five years. We haven't had one in nearly seven.

The market was up 30 percent last year. Many indexes and stocks alike were hitting all time highs throughout the year. It is also cyclical and this blip is normal.

Wicked is right. These downturns are good times to buy.

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The jobs report wasn't horrible it just fell short of the estimate as far as the rise in payrolls.  2/3 of the companies on the S&P have posted quarterly earnings and over 75% of them have exceeded estimates which has helped this week.  Meanwhile there were record shifts from stock funds to bond funds so at least investors are still consistent and investing on fear.  Right now much like the last so many years despite how much the US needs to get it's own financial house in order it's still one of the prettiest girls at the dance.  EM are getting hammered and there are still eurozone fears.     

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One of the stocks in my 401k is up $10 a share right now.  It is about time because it has been tanking since the beginning of the year.

Outerwall?  I only ask because I own it.  Last year it was considered to have the most short positions.  It was almost illogical with the revenue that company produces and the people who did short it got crushed.  Their estimates beat and buyback are two nice little presents for stockholders.  

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