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Chen signed..

Inside Pitch

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Chen gets $4.25M from #Royals on one-year deal plus mutual option, per @JonHeymanCBS.



Got no issues with the Angels not getting him.  But with Baker getting 1 Mil to make team and 3.5 in incentives, and now Chen getting what he just got, I think the floor is pretty well established and JD needs to get on his horse and sign a pitcher or two.


Operation No Blanton needs start.

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Isn't Chen the pitcher the Angels always have difficulty hitting against?


I believe that there is more than one name on that particular list. Start with anyone who has HOUSTON across the front of the jersey, and move forward from there.

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I have a gut feeling Mulder is going to surprise and be a productive MLB starter.

based on...? Dude hasn't pitched a single inning in mlb in over 5 seasons. Its a nice story and all, but it seems like the last gasp of a player who hasn't realized he is done yet.

I'm expecting enright-type production from him and I'll be very surprised if we get anything more than that

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Mulder isn't pitching the same way he did before, when he got injured.  As a fluke, after seeing Paco Rodriguez from the Dodgers and his interesting delivery and he tried it.  Able to throw well and pain free and has had not issues since then.  It's quite a story if he has any impact for the team.  I'm sure the Angels would be able to see if he will help or not early on into Spring Training.  However, the reaction of the scouts watching his workout has me intrigued.  The Angels gave him a higher incentive deal than Bruce Chen or Scott Baker and much earlier in the offseason, so clearly they think he might have a shot.

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I think Mulder did think he was done and he hung them up for a few years. I don't think he would try to come back if he didn't think he could contribute.


it's got to be pretty rough on some of these guys to have their career end because of injury instead of retiring. they've had so much success for so long that to suddenly have it out of their control has got to be a tough way for things to end.


let him start the season in salt lake. if he has success there, then they can figure out if he's needed in anaheim.

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