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    • MLBTR 2022 Projected Arbitration Salaries

      Always a great resource going into the off-season, and usually really accurate.

      For the Angels, Guerra and Barreto are easy non-tenders I would think. Perhaps Barreto is re-signed on a minor league deal. Gosselin at $1.5m is a bit much, especially with our infield depth, so it is likely the Goose is turned loose. Stassi and Mayers almost certainly return, unless the Angels have bigger plans.

      I would closely look at the names for the Rays, Athletics, Guardians, Yankees, Orioles, Braves and Reds. All are tight on salary and looking to trim. The Rays, with 19 arb. eligible players are especially ripe for picking. The Yankees are in the same boat, and I expect arhat team does quite a bit of a shuffle this winter. Lots of players could be of interest to the Halos in trades or as non-tenders.

      The Tigers, Mets, and Twins a bit as well, mostly due to sheer number of arb. eligible players they have, but most are cheaper and less inclined to deal.
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    • Contenders and Pretenders, and the Problem of Desperation-fueled Consolation Prizes
      I wanted to tease out a specific element from this thread, specifically a remark from Dan O'Dowd that I addressed in a long post on the second page, but had a follow-up thought that I wanted to develop more fully. Dan O'Dowd said:

      "It's not just about spending money in this game, it's about developing an organization that operates wholly, from every aspect to make your big league team good."

      This "holistic approach" is key, and what separates the really successful organizations from the pack. Or rather, I would posit three general types of organizations:

      The contenders: These are the teams that understand the holistic perspective, who are perennial contenders or, at least, go through cycles of contention and short fallow periods between. 

      The pretenders: These are teams that, on paper, should contend--they have the resources and certainly at least make a show of doing so--but for whatever reason, rarely seem to get there, and only for short periods of time.

      The fakers: These are the organizations who clearly aren't really trying, with owners for whom their teams are just cash-cows. 
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    • MLB Network Segment on Angels
      Agree with a lot of the stuff being said here.
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