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  2. A lot of fixed-income people couldn't afford a tax on an unrealized gain in property value.
  3. I'm sure if you looked hard enough you could find buttsex around here. Maskless.
  4. And it's not like I myself am not sympathetic to their plight. It must be terrible to feel like you are the outwardly the wrong gender. I'm sure a lot of people feel the same. But I've watched the Chapelle special a couple of times. He doesn't attack them. He makes some jokes, but the overall theme is reconciliation between him, black people and the trans community. I doubt many of them even watched it. His general tone is not anti-trans. And the T's are going to get a lot more people on their side if they can take a joke. Trying to cancel Dave Chappelle will alienate a lot of damn people.
  5. Gas prices sku. I blame both the California government and greedy businesses for finding any excuse to jack up prices.
  6. It doesn’t even make sense. That’s said, and thus my reservation. I’m sure there’s McKinnsey consultant fucking freak at a think tank somewhere that could up with something.
  7. All of the OF'ers the Braves picked up were on expiring contracts, except Duvall, who has a club option that the Marlins weren't likely to pick up....there wasn't a great market for any of them, in part because of expiring contracts that weren't cheap.....Anthopolous did a great job of targeting the right guys.....Hell, he basically got Rosario for free (the Indians took on Pablo Sandoval's contract).... I love the Braves (2nd favorite team behind the Halos) and AA deserves a lot of credit but I'm not sure you can compare the two situations.....unless Stoneman (Interim GM at the 15 trade deadline) turned down similar type deals because he didn't want to take on money....
  8. I don't think most people do. They won't tax what they can't collect. I can't afford an additional $20K a year in federal property taxes and I doubt most people in my income bracket could
  9. Warren, Quijada and Ortega are all likely pen arms right now. I think they'll bring back Iglesias and Cishek. Suarez will be in the pen if not the rotation. An 8 man pen with a 6 man rotation, is 14 pitchers, and 12 position players, which makes the bench a bit light. You have Ohtani counted as a pitcher here, so you won't need a DH, so it's a four man bench, but really, with one reserve OF being Upton, then having Ward who can probably play 1st, 3rd, OF, and be the emergency C if needed, Thaiss as backup C, playing 1st, 3rd, and OF, gives you one spot for MINF backups Rengifo/Mayfield type. Is that a deep enough bench? I really see them having five OF next year for the majority of the year. Because Adell and Marsh can both play CF, you don't really need a backup CF, Upton and Ward I think will be the backups. I'm all in for Thaiss as backup C.
  10. So if the Angels have a similar payroll in '22 as they did in '21, is it then fair to say that they have around $50 million in payroll room this offseason?
  11. And I don’t think Taylor would think that would be a good thing.
  12. understandable. my wife and daughter went through a "dancing with the stars" phase. they eventually moved to a different room in the house because i held the remote.
  13. https://www.laalmanac.com/weather/we13a.php We'll should hit our average for the month by the end of the day. But the average is 0.58 inches in October.
  14. Getting closer! California’s gas prices remain nation’s highest; these driving tips can help you save money
  15. I like that better. Cobb is a free agent too, so, that's technically two free agent pitchers. Suarez, I believe you mean, not Suanders. Also Canning and Barria will be healthy. Naughton too. C-Rod could take a spot, and so could Bachman.
  16. Alex Cobb will not make $15M per. Gray will make more. Swap those two and it makes some sense. Taylor will make more.
  17. Plus they have plenty of balls… well sort of
  18. Everything is dumb as fuck so I say this with a little bit of reservation. All the same I’ll say it. I sincerely doubt that we’ll see a tax on the unrealized appreciation of say a principle residence. if we’re talking about a billionaires massive holdings in securities. I don’t give a shit if they tax unrealized gains. I don’t care.
  19. I said 8-10M, so we're close. I figured there will be 5 players under current multi-year contracts, 2 arbitration contracts, and I believe they will sign 5-6 free agents. That's 12-13 guys, with 13-14 guys under one year renewal club controlled contracts. That's from these guys: Walsh, Rengifo/Mayfield/Davis, Thaiss, Adell, Marsh, Ward, Sandoval, Suarez, Detmers, Canning/Barria, Warren, Quijada, C-Rod, Herget, Tyler, Ortega, etc. 13 @ 600k = 7.8 + 3-4 more @ 600k =9.6.
  20. It's nice that the senior living center has poker nights.
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