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Hey guys & gals, taking a page out of our old forum years ago I have decided to create a club for us to post links to threads or to a certain post that is worthy of being in AngelsWin.com's Hall of Fame. So what defines a Hall of Fame worthy thread or post? Hilarious back and forth, or a comedy gold post that's buried in a large sized thread. A fun thread when the Angels made a signing or trade that delivered some epic back and forth. A thread where certain people made bold statements that later turned out to be the complete opposite. Lastly, a thread that brings back fond memories of one of our lost AW brethren, a proud moment for one of our members or anything interesting that you feel is HOF worthy.
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  2. Just go to the leaderboard in the menu nav bar and you can search on threads/posts with the most likes. Here's a link I generated to look through for now. http://www.angelswin-forum.com/forums/leaderboard/?time=oldest
  3. Everyone knows how to copy a link to a thread and post it here, but maybe not everyone knows how to share a post? It's easy. Just click on the sharing icon in the upper right of the post (see attached image) and it will pop up a sharing link. Just copy that into a post and paste it, and it will actually show you the post as seen below for my Jered Weaver F-Bomb Spectacular post. So far, this post has the most likes in the history of our new forum here, since 2013.

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