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Angels Stadium 2022 Food and Merchandise Preview

Dave Saltzer



By David Saltzer, AngelsWin.com Senior Writer

Baseball is back! 

Nothing is like going to the ballpark to see a baseball game. Baseball has its sights, its sounds, its smells, and its foods. It is a true experience for all of the senses.

For older fans, a trip to the ballpark meant getting beer, hot dogs, frozen chocolate malts, and nachos. Now, under the direction of Executive Chef Hugo Miranda (pictured above, left), Legends Hospitality has taken the ballpark menu to a whole new level.

The Basics

Throughout the ballpark, fans can find all of the staple fares. Hot dogs, nachos, peanuts, candy, etc. are all available throughout the stadium.

Fans will notice a couple of changes. First, all transactions are still cashless as a safety precaution. When I attended the preseason Dodgers game, which was sold out, this did not seem to create a problem or a delay.

Second, for fans sitting in the Diamond Club, Club level, or other locations with In-Seat Service, they will notice that there will be a card looking like this with a QR code for an app to order their food.

 Angels Stadium Ordering QR Code Edited.jpg

Using the app, fans can order food directly to their seats. Again, during the sold out Dodgers game, the orders were getting delivered within 10-20 minutes. This feature was very useful when wanting a drink right before Ohtani, Trout, Rendon and the top of the order came up to bat.  

There will still be attendants to help with the In-Seat service, but the goal will be to help people use the app. Payment and tipping will also be done through credit cards on the app.

Brewery X—The new Gastropub in Right Field

All fans at Angels Stadium are invited to go to Brewery X, the new gastropub in right field (formerly St. Archer’s). Brewery X is a partnership with a local brewery by the same name, and will feature a staple of their regular beers as well as rotating seasonal beers.

Some of my most favorite items that I tasted came from Brewery X.


First, the House Made Jumbo Pretzel (pictured above) was absolutely delicious. I could see getting to the stadium early or going later in the game to enjoy a pretzel and some beer with my wife and friends.

The Beef Birria Tacos (pictured) were also delicious and filling.


And, the Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich (pictured) had a tang and latent heat that was very surprising and delicious. They come three to a serving, and the mix of flavors between the sweet, savory, and acidic combinations really hit all the right notes. 


Tables at Brewery X can be reserved through Open Table. There are hopes that Brewery X could open a take-out window. I hope that this happens, as I would definitely enjoy many of their items throughout the season.

Upgraded Hot Dogs

The hot dogs at Angels Stadium are getting an upgrade as well. Fans will notice that Legends has partnered with Hoffy for their hot dogs.

Fans looking for a more elevated experience should head out to Crafty Dogs in section 130 for rotating gourmet hot dogs. Pictured here are Lizeth Barrera and Rodrigo Gomez showing off two of the many varieties of hot dogs that fans can get throughout the year. These are definitely a handful and delicious! There were so many good choices at Crafty Dogs that I couldn't pick a single favorite. 


Strike Zone Chicken

In elevating the Angels Stadium experience, Legends Hospitality looked to what was trending and on point in the food scene. And, to that point, they added the Strike Zone Chicken in section 223 which will feature a Nashville Hot Fried Chicken Sandwich and a Buttermilk Fried Chicken sandwich. Pictured here is Elizabeth Morales holding a plate with each.


Both sandwiches are delicious. The chicken was fried well and the slaw on the Buttermilk has a sweetness to it and the heat on the Nashville Hot was good but not overpowering. Both would make for a great ballpark experience, especially for anyone going to multiple games on a homestand and looking for a variety in the stadium food.


What would a trip to the ballpark be without a desert? This is especially true for parents. Fans can find all of the regular sweets such as Icees, candy, etc. throughout the stadium.

But, there are some special treats available, especially in some of the specialty restaurants. Pictured here are Luz Santacruz and Christy Petro holding some of the sweet apples available.


And here are Maria Velez and Jasmin Velasquez holding some cakes and other available treats.


Food in the Suites and Diamond Club

Fans attending the game in a Suite or Diamond Club can get quite a variety of upgraded food for their gameday experience. There is a wide range of items for the suites, but one of my favorites was the Smoked Brisket pictured here.


Some other new items that fans can enjoy include the Terriyaki Chicken Bowl (pictured);


the Carne Asada Fries (pictured);


and the Iceberg Steak Salad (pictured).


My favorite from all of these was the Empanadas (pictured). The pastry is light and flaky, the filling is generous and tasty, and the dipping sauces goes perfectly with them.




After last year’s historic MVP season by Shohei Ohtani, fans will be thrilled with a lot of the merchandise featuring him. Pictured here are several of the new items that fans can buy featuring Shohei.


Additionally, there are plenty of new and returning items. Hats, t-shirts, socks, toys, etc. will all be available in the Team Store.


My son is already looking forward to a game this weekend as his grandmother promised him a new Angels hat for his birthday.


With all of this, a trip to Angels Stadium is more than  just a ballgame. It’s an entire experience, and one that can fit any range of taste. For fans going to a single game or season ticket holders, there are plenty of options to entertain and satisfy all palates.

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