Angelswin.com Testimonials

Arte Moreno: Owner of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - "AngelsWin.com? Great website, you guys have done a good job with that. I read it frequently". Check out our 40 minute interview with Arte Moreno

Tim Mead: Vice President of Media Relations -
"I have the utmost respect for Chuck Richter and what he has accomplished with Angelswin.com. With his efforts, and the continued support of so many loyal Angel fans, the site is one filled with intelligent, passionate and respectful dialogue. It's very clear to me that most of those involved with this site understand the "process of a season" in order to attain the final result. I know of several individuals who appreciate the civility and level of mutual respect displayed on Angelswin.com. Chuck has worked tirelessly on behalf of the site to present information in both a timely and accurate manner. From our perspective, those efforts have been greatly appreciated."

Eddie Bane: Former Director of Scouting of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim -
"Chuck, Outstanding job with regards to the Top 50 Angels Prospect Report and I mean that. I will take this and present it in front of our scouts and be able to use it as a reference point for meetings. Quite a compliment to you guys that we would be able to use this as a starting point for our scouts at the meetings. I really think you guys are really close especially on the top 6-7 guys". (re: The 2008 Angelswin.com Top 50 Angels Prospects List).

Rob Goldman: Author & Writer of Once they were Angels - "The impact AngelsWin has made with the Angels organization is obvious". I check in everyday to get the latest news and scores. I like the intelligent discourse the sight offers. I also enjoyed the "Greatest Moments" series".

Jim Callis: Baseball America Executive Editor - "Chuck, that is a great list!" (re: The 2008 AngelsWin.com Top 50 Angels Prospects List).

David Regan: Rotowire.com - "For me, Angelswin.com has become THE resource for information on breaking Angels news, top prospects, and simply great information. The site clearly has a large base of passionate fans and the writers clearly know the team".

Hudson Belinsky: Baseball Prospectus, ESPN Sweetspot Network- "You guys have the best Angels coverage of anyone, as far as I'm concerned. The top 50 prospects piece was gold. Most sites don't offer that quality of work in the prospect realm.".

Adam Dodge: AngelsWin.com Senior Writer - "Angelswin.com is the internet home for Angels fans".

David Saltzer: AngelsWin.com Senior Columnist - Without a doubt, AngelsWin.com provides unique and relevant content for Angels fans. AngelsWin.com covers the Angels’ Major League team and the Angels’ minor league system. They cover the stars on the field and the stars in development. AngelsWin.com also provides in-depth interviews with players, coaches and key organizational personnel who are often overlooked or not covered by mainstream media outlets. The website gives a unique take on all that happens within the world of Angels baseball by focusing on the fans’ perspective. We are all baseball fans, but more importantly, we are all Angels fans.

Taylor Green: Content Editor of CasinoTop10 - "First up, big thanks for making my every visit to Angelswin.com an exceptional fan experience. Chuck is always on the ball in making the long strides to reach every Angels fan there is and make them feel welcome. It's not just another Angels fan site but more of a home for us die-hard fans. It also serves as a great headway for up coming fan sites. I can't be more happier discovering the site and the least I can do is write one honest if not cool, testimonial for Angelswin. Chuck Richter, carry on with your excellent job, all your efforts are greatly recognized."

James Rygg (TrueGrich Blog): - "Actually you're more than just a fan site (that's too limiting). This is basically a one-stop shop for everything and anything Angels. It's dynamic, timely and just plain fun."

Tim Staffel: Angels fan from Los Angeles, CA - "The one major impression I came away with this weekend is how respected Chuck Richter and this Angelswin.com board is within the Halos organization and at the highest levels. Chuck has created something here that has gained respect over time in a setting (the internet blog stuff) where it can be difficult to be taken seriously.......yet he's done it....and yet everytime one of us thanked Chuck for organizing the whole weekend of events or saying what a great job he's done with this forum, site -- his response was always the same: "it's for you guys and any success we have is because of all of you...." (re: the 2008 Angelswin.com Spring Fanfest).

Sean Dodds: Angels fan from Montana - "I just wanted to say what a great site this is. When I first came over here I thought it was just a cool place to talk Angels baseball (and other things). It is way more than that though. From the Greatest Angels Moment Countdown to the Eddie Bane report it really is a place to learn about Angels baseball too".

Geoff Stoddart: Angel fan living in Colorado - "Moving to Colorado took me away from my team. AngelsWin.com allows me to reconnect everyday! News, information, the 100 win countdown, passionate dialog and humorous discussion make it “the place to be” for all Halo Fans!"

Mark Bender: Angels fan from Yucaipa, CA - AngelsWin.com has a sense of community about itself. True, some of us don't agree on some matters, but we all can agree on ONE thing, our passion for baseball, and particulary the Angels. The diversity is very welcome, since we all can't be correct all the time! Sometimes your fellow fan can bring "something to light" that you might have never thought of. This is the ONLY place for Everything Angels!

Bruce Nye: Angels fan from Corona del Mar, CA - "AngelsWin means a lot to me. It is a can't beat source of great Angel baseball talk and analysis. Its Chat Room is an enjoyable forum to discuss the game in progress. The other Forums are a terrific source of news, topics and opinions. But most of all, I have made some nice friendships and at the gatherings I get an opportunity to put a face behind the screen name. The people here are of high quality from all professions and walks of life".

Mark Tintle: Angels fan from Huntington Beach, CA - "AngelsWin.com is the first place I look to find out the latest regarding Angels Baseball. Whether it's the score of a ballgame, status of an injured player, production of a minor leaguer, a transaction going down, or the starting lineups for that days game. I feel like I know more about this team than the casual fan thanks to this website".

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